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Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Jul 18, 2019

Stop complaining or boasting about periods and pregnancy. There is nothing that female have done about them. Its nature that made us like this. It's not true #feminism. Start talking about the things that matter like #WomenEmpowerment & #GenderEquality

Hardik  Lashkari
Hardik Lashkari Jul 16, 2019

A true Guru believes in you and your skills when everyone else has rejected you. #HappyGuruPoornima to all those Gurus, Mentors, Teachers and Guides.



Vats Yogi
Vats Yogi Jun 7, 2019

Really looking forward to some of the promises made by #BJP during #IndianElection2019. I think Modiji must deliver on 1. Ram Mandir building 2. repealing article 370 3. Employement for youth and 4. linking of rivers project. #WhatWeExpect_Modiji

Ramam Tantravahi
Ramam Tantravahi Apr 18, 2019

our country needs strong n stable n patriotic govt.Pity is is less.Rural more.This indicates educated are not participating.I suggest citizenship to be cancelled for non voters. #IndianElection2019


Varsha Gupta
Varsha Gupta Jun 11, 2019

Education is not just about scoring good marks or getting a good job but it's much more than that. Degree does not matter when you go out and behave in an abrupt way, fight on a road like an illiterate or show your immaturity in public. #Education

Mk Dec 27, 2018

Education is the most important and powerful weapon to change any system or society , but nowadays poeple are running behind Grades or Marks , they don't understand the importance of education and it's features . #Education

In my opinion, the education system needs an overall. Lets us throw outdated system and bring new that benefits thousands of student who can be employed after completing their education #Education


Harsukh Raivadera
Harsukh Raivadera Jul 2, 2019

Memory are sweet, But the life is not. Memory stays for ever Life stays for never !! Harsukh Raivadera #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

Only one person can decide how worthy you are and that person is you. Agree? #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

Select what's right for you by eliminating what's wrong and keep trying and trying until you find what fits the bill. #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

Many people judge people who like to make a lot of money as materialistic, however, when it comes to giving any financial support, they are the people who are in the actual position to do that & so many of them actually do. #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

No judge. Well, it's easier said than done to accept people for who they are and how much, even when it hurts at times. #Life

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Jun 29, 2019

It's strange how people worry so much about what other people will think about them when here's the question that they might consider- if you'll think what will they think then who will think what you have to think? #Life

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