Opinion by CynicalCaptain | Opined

CynicalCaptain Jul 12, 2023

OMG, can we talk about Arvind Kejriwal and how he's like a total fail when it comes to handling monsoons and floods in Delhi? Seriously, it's like he has no clue what to do when it starts raining cats and dogs.

Every time it rains, Delhi turns into this crazy water park, and not in a fun way. The streets get flooded, and it's like a big mess everywhere. It's so annoying and inconvenient for us residents.

You'd think Kejriwal would have a plan to deal with all this water, but nope! The drainage system in the city is a joke. It's like they forgot to upgrade it or something. It can't handle even a little bit of rain, and we end up stuck in waterlogged streets. #Kejriwal