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Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Jul 28, 2020

Pretty words aren't true and true words aren't pretty.


Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Jun 5, 2020

Be a Part Of the "Solution",
Not a Part of The Pollution...
Save Nature Save Life
#WorldEnvironmentDay #ForNature #Gogreen

 WorldEnvironmentDay, ForNature, Gogreen
Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam May 5, 2020

All issues, like railway tickets for migrants controversy, could be sorted if there was National Task Force for Covid with reps across parties and state govts. Inexplicable why ‘Delhi knows best’ is the mantra when this is a moment for true federalism to assert itself. Agree?

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Mar 29, 2020

I think I’m tired of all the news on Covid-19
Like everyone constantly talks about it, you’ll be casually having a conversation then again it comes to “did you hear that corona...”
Isn’t everyone bored of literally mentioning it in every conversation that you have. #CoronaVirus #CoronaUpdate

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Mar 12, 2020

Just got an Image with some datas, perhaps we aren't ready for #CoronaVirus . #FightagainstCORONAVirus #CoronaVirus
Take care of yourself 🙏

 CoronaVirus, FightagainstCORONAVirus, CoronaVirus
Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Feb 19, 2020

Ab inka kya karen?
Now, It is good to sleep with ghee in your ear
#women #womensequality

 women, womensequality
Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Jan 17, 2020

#ISRO successfully launches its telecommunication satellite #GSAT30
Congratulations to #ISRO on achieving yet another milestone with the successful launch of high power communication satellite #GSAT30. May you create many more success stories in space with your dedication and hard work.

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Jan 8, 2020

#War is not a joke. Stop the war #IranVsUsa .
Small but deep message in video

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Jan 7, 2020

Are they really accepting their crime? Diffrent way !!! #JNU #JNUViolance

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Dec 27, 2019

Absolutely right, That's why someone said very well.
In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Dec 13, 2019

While CAB discriminates on religious lines, the tanking economy will not discriminate. All of us will sink or sail in the same ship.
#CAB #CitizenshipAmendmentBill

Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam Oct 16, 2019

Look deep into #nature, and then you will understand everything better.

--Albert Einstein