Opinion by Rahul Ray | Opined

Rahul Ray
Rahul Ray Jul 17, 2023

Alright, listen up, folks! We need to talk about secularism and religious freedom.
I get it, we want a society where everyone can practice their religion freely. But sometimes, we take this idea of secularism to the extreme. We bend over backward to accommodate every religious whim, even when it clashes with the principles of our nation.
Look, I'm all for diversity, but when religious practices start infringing on the rights of others or compromising our laws, it's time to reassess. We need to find that delicate balance between religious freedom and the greater good of society.
It's about time we stop tiptoeing around important issues and have an honest conversation. Let's prioritize the values that unite us as a nation while respecting individual beliefs. It's not an easy task, but it's a discussion we can't afford to avoid.
#Secularism #ReligiousFreedom