Opined Writers’ Terms

Effective: July 10, 2018


These terms (the “Writers’ Terms”) are a contract between writer (“You” or “Writers”) and Opined. They govern your use of Opined services as a writer. All capitalized terms used in the Opined Writers’ Terms have the same meaning as defined in the Opined Terms of Service, which incorporated this policy by reference into its terms. Through the Opined Platform, you can write and post your opinion article, on a wide range of topics.

By participating as a writer on the Opined Platform, you agree to these Opined Writers’ Terms, as well as Opined’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and all other terms and conditions that generally apply to the Opined Platform (all of these together are the “Terms”).

Please read the Terms carefully. If you don’t understand them or don’t accept any of them, then you cannot participate as a writer on the Opined Platform. Your online acceptance of Opined’s Terms form a binding agreement between you and Opined and show your intent to be bound by them.

User Opinion Article & Monetization

For each opinion article written and associated with your account (other than comments you post on opinion articles or opinion threads), you have the chance to receive revenue based on various performance factors, including reader engagement. We are currently working on building and implementing our revenue sharing model. Once implemented, we will be sharing revenue generated through your opinion article page as per our revenue sharing terms. We will inform you once we implement the changes.

Necessary Rights

You may only post your opinions if you have sufficient rights to make commercial use of the content in it, including text, video, and audio elements. Opined may require you to provide documentation proving you own sufficient rights for the post.

The consequences of posting your opinion when you lack the rights to do so or failing to provide adequate documentation upon request include the revenue termination, suspension or termination of your post, and/or suspension or termination of your account.

You are not entitled to earn or receive any revenue in connection with your content in any of the following circumstances: (1) if one or more third parties claim rights to any element(s) of your content, (2) if monetization is disabled by Opined for a post, or (3) if your participation as Opined Writer is suspended or terminated. If any of these occur, Opined will use reasonable efforts to notify you.

Usage of Third-Party Services

Opined may use third-party services to aid writers with tools that may help to improve post and look attractive to readers. While Opined provides you with the basic rights to use third-party services, writers will be responsible to maintain and respect copyright policies of third-party services. If the writer wishes to use copyrighted content from third-party services, such as photos/ illustrations, the writer should buy and pay for the required rights to use the specific content.


Opined reserves the right of revenue termination or removal of an opinion post, which will end that post’s ability to generate revenue. Opined reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate your participation in the Opined Platform at any time.

Account and Payment Method Requirement

In order to accrue or receive payment of any revenues, you must have at all time an active Opined account and a bank account associated with it. Opined does not owe you for any revenues that may be associated with your content during any period in which you do not have a valid account or payment method. Entering correct payment details is your sole responsibility and Opined is not liable to pay you any amount including related penalties in case of incorrect payment details are updated. You also agree to pay the penalties/ changes incurred by Opined to us in the event of Opined charged for your incorrect payment details.

Changes or Discontinuation of Revenue Sharing Model

Opined reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Revenue Sharing Model with or without notice to you. Opined will not be liable to you or any third-party for any such modification, suspension, or termination. Opined may change these Terms from time to time so we encourage you to periodically review this page for most up-to-date version. If you refuse to accept the updated Terms then Opined reserves its right to suspend or terminate your participation in the Opined Platform.


By becoming a writer, you consent to receive communications from us related to it, including marketing communications such as newsletters, special offers, promotional announcements, and customer surveys, to your registered email address or via other methods.


If required by law, you are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes in connection with your participation in the Opined Platform. Such taxes may include duties, customs fees, currency exchange fees, or other taxes (other than income tax), along with any related penalties or interest.

Governing Law & Forum

The governing law, mandatory forum, and dispute resolution provisions of Opined’s Terms also apply to these Writer's Terms and any dispute arising under them.


You participate in the Opined Platform at your own risk. You agree that you are solely responsible for your actions in connection with your posts and comments on posts, any breach of your obligations under the Terms, and for the consequences of any such breach.

Except as modified by these Terms, Opined’s Terms of Service remain in effect. Opined’s right to modify or revise the Terms of Service also applies to these Terms.

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