11-Year-old Autistic Girl Takes Home Guinness World Record for Her Mental Health Skills

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11-Year-old Autistic Girl Takes Home Guinness World Record for Her Mental Health Skills

There are lots of people who've got "higher math" skills and are great with numbers, but that doesn't mean they have an arithmetic aptitude. But when we speak about 11-year-old Sanaa Hiremath, it's a totally different scenario. Numbers are like a god's gift for the little angel.

Sanaa was diagnosed with autism when she was only 2-years-old. Even then she is so proficient at multiplying, she recently earned an award from the Guinness World Record for ‘largest mental arithmetic multiplication problem’.

Sanaa was only 7 years old when her parents found out she's a math whiz. The moment Sanaa was introduced to the multiplication concept, she grasped it immediately.

Talking to Guinness World Record, Sanaa's mother Priya said, she was able to solve math problems instantly -- some of which even she had a hard time in understanding the question let alone get the answer.

Though unfortunately Sanaa failed Second Grade math because of her autism.

Sanaa's father Uday recalled the incident. Her teacher gave her a math test and gave her a pencil and paper and told her to write one to twenty. But she could not write because she had a fine grip. She couldn't hold the pencil as she had poor motor issues. It was obvious from the beginning she was different from the other kids -- but what we didn't know was, she's gifted.

Sanaa earned her Guinness World Record by multiplying dozens of randomly generated digits, and she completed this daunting task in less than 10 minutes.

The most amazing part of her gift is -- she solves all of the problems and equations strictly in her head. She doesn't use any paper or pencil, let alone a calculator.

Her father Uday said, she's no less than a human calculator and she can solve complex to complex problems. According to him, his daughter has no limitations… Six, seven digits, it's hard to say how many digits as it doesn't look like she has any limit.

Even though their daughter is a math whiz, Priya and Uday want to make sure their daughter lives a normal life in most ways possible. Sanaa is your average pre-teen who likes to ride bikes, swim and enjoy music, just is a little special.

However, since the conventional education center didn't suit her special needs, her parents decided to home school her. And, looks like the decision was in favor of Sanaa, as she has blossomed under her mother Priya's teaching.

Although she's making tremendous advances, her parents are keeping her at her age grade level with her age peers. At the same time maintaining a careful balance between her special talents and helping her with her social, verbal, and motor skills with which she has some struggles due to her autism.

Speaking to Guinness World Record, Priya said, Sanaa has worked hard every day of her life to be where she is today. Be it her gross and fine motor skills, or her speech. Everything we take for granted in our daily lives, she has worked hard to attain them. The reason she is able to do things which are considered impossible for kids her age.


When we think or look at autistic children we think what will their future be? In reality they are normal children who just learn things a little slower than others. But with the right care, guidance, and help any autistic child can live a normal life. 


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