2nd PhasePre ICO Sale of Cowrium is Live: Buy Now Before It’s Too Late

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2nd PhasePre ICO Sale of Cowrium is Live: Buy Now Before It’s Too Late

For those who have been waiting for a nice opportunity to make it big in the crypto space, the right moment is here. The second phase pre-sale of Cowrie coins is live now. You can buy some Cowrie coins right away and contribute to a great project for the future. In exchange, you get benefits like access to a wonderful blockchain platform, buy coins at a great price and attractive bonus (exclusive to pre-sale buyers), etc.

So, why is Cowrium such a high potential project?

Even though the crypto industry has come very far in the past few years, the access to the benefits of blockchain technology, including crypto investments, is still limited to a specific user base and not to common people, who happen to be the major target user of this technology. The reason is that individuals and small businesses do not have proper, affordable resources or ways to adopt the blockchain solutions for their own good.

Understanding this issue, Cowrium has developed a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that allows everyone, especially small businesses & startups, to easily adopt advanced blockchain functionalities through a number of futuristic solutions.

These include a decentralized exchange (CowDEX), a borderless currency Transfer solution in Crypto to be received in Fiat (ErrandBoy) and an Artificial Intelligence Crypto Stability Solution for the platform native coin Cowrie (Cowrie Stability AI). All these and more you can access by buying and using the Cowrie coin (CWR).

Why should I buy CWR during pre-ICO?

Of course, you must be wondering why now. Why can’t you buy the cowrie coin once it’s launched in the market? Well, you can. But by then the coin price will be quite high. In fact, you’ll never get the lower price of CWR than it is now.

For example, the coin price during the ongoing sale is 0.0375USD (1CWR). However, once the coin is launched in the market, the price will touch minimum 0.075USD (on the exchange. So, it’s profitable to buy the earliest.

Moreover, if you choose to buy CWR in the ICO sale, you can avail up to 50% extra bonus, depending on the phase.

So, what are you waiting for now? Buy Cowrie coins before it is too late. To know more, visit the website http://cowrium.net/

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