5 Altcoins With Strong Technological Potential

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Robin Singh
Robin Singh
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5 Altcoins With Strong Technological Potential

When Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in 2008 as an alternative to centralized payment systems, it was no less than an illusionary technology for everyone, including financial pundits to tech experts.

However, as time went past, one could easily see a shift in Bitcoin from being a currency to an asset with store-of-value properties. Now, this transition has left Bitcoin to catch with the fast-paced technology of today. It is still somewhat running five years behind in terms of today’s technology.

Scalability and energy efficiency are two major issues with Blockchain. The old PoW structure of Bitcoin is also something that is stirring away fintech companies to invest in it.

Plenty of promising altcoins or cryptocurrencies with multiple real-life use cases and huge technological potential are emerging today.

Let’s have a look at some of the most promising altcoins which can emerge as a market leader in the crypto world:

Titan Coin (TTN)

Titan Coin is a new, experimental internet currency that can be used for instant transfer of payments to anyone, anywhere in the with lightning-fast speed.

Thanks to its own next-generation Blockchain technology (Hybrid PoW/ Dynamic PoS / SHA256D), users can send/receive payments in a completely secure and transparent manner without any delays. The other notable features of Titan Coin include power-efficient mining, improved security, and instant settlement of transactions.

The current market value or price of the Titan Coin (TTN) does not reflect the project’s overall value. Titan Coin’s value is going to increase at 10x speed in 2019 all thanks to its innovative blockchain technology and multiple use-cases.


IOTA with its new distributed technology, Tangle, is a Blockchain 3.0 project, which is designed to overcome the inefficiencies of Blockchain.

In simple words, IOTA is a new, revolutionary transaction settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things (IoT) that will allow people and IoT devices to transfer money in a permissionless, trustless and decentralized environment without anticipating any transaction fees.

IOTA is undoubtedly a coin for the future and one that will stand under the radar due to its ability to process millions of payments/ machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions incredibility fast with zero fees that too in offline mode.

Although, its Tangle technology is still at a nascent stage, which has to stand the test of time for IOTA to become a leader in crypto space.


Holochain uses a variety of techniques like hash chains, cryptographic signing and distributed hash table to run its own network, which can be used to build cutting-edge distributed apps in JavaScript or Lisp, etc. without any need of consensus building.

It primarily focuses on distributed computing rather than decentralization, so in a way, it’s not a blockchain project.

However, in terms of scalability, it can be used to build and run multiple decentralized apps with a transaction processing speed (TPS0 of 1 million.

Due to its immense popularity among crypto geeks, it has reached among the top 50 coins by market cap value recently and can become the leader soon thanks to its unique technology.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano, similar to IOTA, is a blockchain 3.0 project designed and led by former Ethereum developer Charles Hoskinson.

Similar to IOTA, Cardano has the potential to become the market leader all thanks to the advanced features of its public Blockchain like high scalability, smart contract socialization, etc.

Cardano’s development team has a clear understanding of the future roadmap; hence, this altcoin is worth watching in 2019.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, ever since its burst on the crypto sphere has made multiple headlines for out beating may popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum in the CMC Crypto 200 Index chart. Ripple is a cross-border settlement service that has partnered with 200+ financial till institutions, including the National Bank of Kuwait around the globe.

Ripple can easily become the top crypto if all financial institutions around the globe opt Ripple for settling their cross-border payments. Ripple’s worth, then, would be around $27 trillion.


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