5 Photography tips for beginners

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5 Photography tips for beginners

Have you ever thought of being a photographer but every time you try there is something missing in it? You try to give your best shot but it's never enough without a correct technique. Here are 5 basic photography tips which will set your journey on a fast track.

So let's get started:

  1. Find your object: First and the most important task for your first click is to find your object. While you're choosing your object you should keep only one thing in mind and that is there can be many things around while taking a click but focus only on one object, trying to focus on many objects won't help you.
  2. Fill in the frame: Fill your frame with what you love. Filling the frame with your subject helps those viewing the image to know where to look without distraction and in many cases will leave you with a portrait that is intimate and which has the impact on your shot.   
  3. Law of Thirds: This law is also known as the rule of thumbs. Try a setting in your camera whether it be DSLR's or smartphones it is called guidelines. The basic point of this law is to try and place your object at the intersection of the lines as this will help the viewer of the image to view it from a different perspective. According to science, while viewing an image usually people focus more on the intersection rather than the center of the frame. For more detailed study you can follow the link.
  4. A different a point of view:  Usually photographers have a bad habit of clicking everything they see. If you want to make an immediate impact on your photography you need to get out of your comfort zone or maybe we can say that give your feet some work and get ready for walking, climbing, turning, twisting etc. Start working with your imagination. Just look high or get low getting out from the line of sight will definitely give you a new outlook for your subject or maybe you can move laterally and watch things happening around you. 

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  5. Lighting: It would not be wrong if I say that lighting is everything. Key to a good image is always good lighting but make sure to use lighting to your advantage otherwise it can be a nightmare for you.
At last, it all boils down to a place where we can say that and what I feel is that photography is not what others can see it's what you see and what you love.

Ansel adams says as I quote " You don't take a photograph, you make it" 

So what are you waiting for just get out there and start making beautiful things for you.

Happy Clicking....!!!!

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