6 New Innovations in the iOS Development Languages

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6 New Innovations in the iOS Development Languages

According to the statistics, the demand for iPhone has gradually decreased over the years but that has not stopped Apple from updating its products. Despite the reduced sales, Apple still has the same attitude towards its privacy policy. It has recently introduced a separate OS for iPads, which has brought the productivity of the device to a whole new level.

At the last Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple has shown that it will be headed for technological advancements come what may. It is not hidden from anyone that the Apple ecosystem has developed a lot over the past two years.

We have collected data from various sources and have found out the 6 new innovations in the field of development programming languages and programming methods. We have studied how the developer programs have developed over time, the new innovations and have put them in this article.

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SwiftUI vs Objective C

Swift is becoming popular day by day. More and more developers are switching from Objective C to the new Swift UI. Objective C was the primary language for the development of Apple applications, but now even Apple prefers Swift over Objective C. The reason behind this much popularity of the language is that it is more stable and very very easier than the Objective C. Its binary vision compatibility is the best feature of the language and the Application Programming Interface (API) management is very smooth. Xcode IDE is developing and more and more features are being introduced.

At Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), 2019, Apple launched SwiftUI, a framework that has made the coding through Swift even faster and easier. The tool has made Swift more efficient. The drag-and-drop editor feature enables the developers to edit the app with manual typing and previews the development made. It comes loaded with other additional features like dark mode and international language compatibility. The codes used by the language to develop the app are comparatively fewer than those used by the other application development languages.

Reactive Programming with Combine Framework

The other tech companies receive a lot of complaints from its users and developers in various issues, but not Apple. Apple has been safe from such complaints and keeps its focus on maintaining its reputation by providing the best privacy policies. During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), 2019, Apple said that it will continue serving the development community in the future too. Although Swift is becoming popular and better day by day, it does not mean that its focus from other developing tools has shifted. Other languages are upgrading regularly and Apple has introduced libraries to it.

Upgraded Tech, Superior API Management and Improved Lifespan

As Xcode is developing and more and more innovative and comfortable API management has surfaced the Apple ecosystem. Apple is criticized by the users for introducing features that were introduced by the other companies long before them but the critics are always happy once they are introduced by Apple too. Features like facial recognition, document scanning, machine learning algorithm, etc are introduced by Apple.

The users also complained that the lifespan of Apple devices was rather short as compared to other devices but Apple has improved this over the past three years. The life of the products is better now.

More Open Ecosystem

The Apple IOS developers used to complain that the ecosystem of the company was very closed. The developers were unable to use it for development purposes. Catering to the increasing demands of the developers, Apple has made its ecosystem more open for developers now. The initial changes were made in 2017 and Apple has not stopped since. Apple also introduced iOS 11 in 2017 and iPadOS in 2019 which were more open for the developers to operate in.

Apple OS is not that open like Android but the company is expected to go even further in coming years because of the increased demand of the open ecosystem. Apple is working on both fronts maintaining control over the ecosystem, providing security and privacy, and providing space for the developers to work on.

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Easier App Launch and Better Programs

Apple has been taking steps to make the introduction of new apps a whole lot easy across all the platforms with the help of AppStore Connect. The step is controversial but indeed a better one. The company has also made its developer programs easy-to-work-with by providing automation in the steps which have made the development process easier for the developers.

Latest Security Measures

Apple has been introducing latest and updated security measures for its applications. Features like location access control provide more control over the app to the users and developers. The HomeKit feature is a much-praised feature of the company as the feature encrypts the videos locally before uploading it to the cloud servers. The Real User Indicator (RUI) feature warns the developers if the user of the app is a bot. This is the most important feature of Apple and hence is not disclosed by the company fully.

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