7 in 10 Americans say 2020 has made them a better person 

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7 in 10 Americans say 2020 has made them a better person 

According to a survey, 74% of Americans say 2020 has made them a better person than what they were before. Today they are more aware of what others need and are more thankful for what they have.

The poll involved 2,005 Americans polling from options where they even selected embracing ideas of neighbourly love as well.

87% Americans donated part of their paychecks, even though every three in five later experiences financial difficulties.

41% said they've helped strangers across the street; 38% went out of their way to take the trash out for neighbors; 31% have walked their neighbors dog.

One-third have shoveled snow out if the car drives in a snowy climate last year.

Seventy-two percent are caring about the well-being of others than ever.

Pat McNeil, spokesperson for VSP Eyes of Hope says, it's incredibly meaningful to see how the last year has caused people to care more about others.

It's been a devastating year for everyone across the world. The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Even here in India, the people have gone beyond to help others. Matter of fact, at times others have shown humanity when their own gave up on them.

I remember I saw a video on facebook of an organization burying a two month old positive baby cause his parents had abandoned his dead body. After waiting for two days for the parents, the hospital informed the organization to give the baby it's last rituals.

Sonu Sood, needs no introduction on what he's done during the pandemic crisis and how till date he's helping out.

We all know how people have been helping people from other communities and taking care of others in need. Of course, some sad news of humanity lowering its head also came forth like the Delhi Sardar family.

The family was giving the positive deceased patients their lawful last rights according to their religion and when the family tested positive no one came forth to help them.

It's odd how the pandemic has had its good and bad effects on society and how it's shown people to be appreciative of what they have, irrelevant of what they once wanted.

Many have ended up spending their savings (like me) to get by during the lockdown as work was not available. And, even now if things seem to be on track, corona barricades keep popping up threatening to stop life again.

But, I think most of us have come out stronger and are more focused on what's important to us and not in terms of latest stuff but life savings, secure future and a healthy body.

Maybe not much, but whatever is possible we should do our best. And this doesn't only mean by donating or helping others materialistically. We can help by following the precautions like wearing masks, using sanitizer and maintaining social distance. Try your best to attend public places least as possible. Avoid gatherings, go out only if necessary like to work or for very important stuff/work. We can bring an end to this together, if we want. 


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