A breath of fresh air in Indian Politics

Aug 22 , 2018 7 min read 1824 Views Likes 1 Comments
A breath of fresh air in Indian Politics

In India, Politics is " a vocation which requires no qualification".  Every Tom, Dick and Harry or Gene, Jeanne and Mary think they can enter politics.

This ideological cataract must be eliminated and Indian politics should become a channel of governance based on experience, expertise and efficiency. How to enable this?

  • By underlining the fact that " a certificate of good conduct is more important than an educational certificate".
  • By decreeing that the candidates running for the elections must possess a thorough knowledge of the Constitution, Indian political system, National and International affairs, Economics and above all, the topography, demography, needs and conditions prevailing in their constituency.
  • By selecting the candidates eligible for participation in the election on the basis of a VIVA-VOCE conducted live on national television by a panel of eminent educationists, economists, legalists and political analysts.
  • By declaring candidates with past history of criminal records, corruption allegations or vandalism, unsuitable for public office.
  • By declaring candidates with racists or religious manifestoes unsuitable for public office.
  • By subjecting the elected candidates to a quarterly performance review through a national opinion survey.
  • By decreeing that every Cabinet Minister should have sufficient knowledge of the ministry he heads.
  • By decreeing that every Minister should declare the statement of accounts of his ministry every financial year in public.
  • By empowering the Election Commission and the speakers of the 2 houses to expel all candidates resorting to misconduct, vandalism, disrespect and defamation from the Assembly permanently.
  • By revoking the Aadhaar card and Voter- Id card of Ministers and government officials found guilty of malpractices.
  • By limiting the age of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Governors to 60.
  • By ordering those public offices held by Ministers will be totally pro-bono.
Let us hope that by adopting such stringent measures, a breath of fresh air will enter Indian politics and we can hold our heads high again.