A Gloomy Narrative of Girl

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A Gloomy Narrative of Girl

The story commences with the girl named "Sanjh " who was extremely beautiful, passionate, loving, caring. Mainly, her alluring smile and meek eyes had stolen everyone's heart. But, as you know none of us plays perfection in our lives so do "Sanjh". She stood back because of her imperfections. What were those flaws??? Let's see the whole picture by her vision.

Hello, My name is" Sanjh" as my author already mentioned to me. I am not a part of this world anyone as I was dead years ago. My story is grimy. Listen to my grief in my words

A long time ago, I was a big gun of my parents as I always stood first in my academics. Ah! How could I forget to mention that I was blessed with one elder brother Rajveer, a true friend I had those time. So, we were four members and had a very happy family. Startlingly, I observed changes in my body; my breast, my mood all due to hormonal changes also, because of the menstruation which had just winced alike other girls, Then, I was only 14 by age. Though! I was thrilled by my body changes as I was picturing fantasies of being heading towards maturity but my life never reaches those fantasies.

Pitching to my story, Two years later, my maternal relatives started paying visits to my home and also accommodate for days. I also used to enjoy their company. But, nothing is what it seems to be like, Their visits appeared to be horrifying for me because my uncle Molested me and from that very day I was confused, numbed, unable to act out. Apprehensively, I was being threatened by my uncle, not to utter a word against him otherwise my parent's relation would be crashed. Believe me, I was naive', I kept quiet, I was all confuzzled, More, I wept all day all night and committed suicide at the age of 18. Still, my secret did not reveal yet. I was the victim who was being molested by that bastard for two years. What now??? My life is no more...but you have a choice!!!

Presently, I want to see the downfall of every that ROGUE who is engaged with you right now. Yes, girls you, do not keep yourself quite as I did this mistake long ago. The only imperfection was in me that I kept quiet all that time. I suffered to death but you don't have to. Please, do not create demons act on you. STAND!! and SPIT IT OUT!! and SPEAK IT ALOUD!!.




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