A letter to my motherland

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A letter to my motherland

Dear motherland,

I have been writing a lot of open letters to everyone but you. No, it wasn’t that you never came in my mind, rather I could not gather the courage to write to you. Yes! I couldn’t think of myself worthy enough to face you. You for such a long have been providing us with immense gaiety through so many things. You have been a symbol for us to never give up. You have taught us to rise even after we are caged or we are surrounded by an uncomfortable environment. You have taught us to survive the greatest misfortune that could fall on upon us. You always have been an idol for us to look upon.

What have we returned to you? Bleeding bodies after a fight over a totally senseless topic one as a division for land. Did I tell you that Romeos around have turned into devils when they don’t get their Juliet? Didn’t understand? Acid throwing has become like a trend among them. Rejection has become way too hard to handle. You gave birth to all of us, nurtured us with your love and what have we done, divided ourselves into categories of male and female, the male is dominant. Okay, no one accepts it but yeah still the male counterpart has access to various things that female don’t. Could you ever differentiate your children as thus into two categories? Never, right? That’s the reason I feel shameful to tell you these things. After all that you have given to me, I can't let you take this hurt, I can’t see you weeping. Although you are well acquainted with these happenings still I can’t take the credit of making you upset by digging deep into your wounds.

Mother, After all this, I know that I don’t deserve your apology, none of us do. But I also know that a mother can never remain angry with her child for long. I am sorry to hurt you anyhow, I can do all from now with my brothers and sisters for your happiness. Your sacrifice has been a great gift for us. What good kid we are if we couldn’t gift you with the happiness you deserve. Uh! Don’t fake smile as you are no angry to me. I know you are hurt deep within with the stupid acts of your children and you are frustrated and irritated, doubting your nourishment. But sorry mother, I from now onward am going to take the initiative. My brothers and sisters will be with me, after all, we all are a family and giving back to you is our duty. Though we quarrel sometimes, family always binds back together AND SO WILL WE. I promise to return you the land you wanted us to be.

Lots of love my dear motherland.


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