Advantages of being a child who is poor in studies

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Advantages of being a child who is poor in studies

There are certain advantages of being a child who consistently scores low marks... Your parents don't pressurise you to get a 90 in all subjects, because lets face it, they think that you're a good for nothing duffer and are content even if u get a mere 40 in all subjects. They get satisfied easily and start thanking god for merely passing you in all subjects.

You have a hell lot of options in front of you. Relatives don't pressurise you to get into engineering or medical. You have a lot of offbeat career options in front of you to choose from.

You could be a wildlife photographer and lose yourself(or find yourself) in the wilderness of a jungle... You could be a deep sea diving instructor and explore the unexplored acquatic kingdom and interact with the fascinating life under water... You could be a hiking guide and wake up in the laps of mother nature to a breathtaking view everyday.

You are free to explore your passions...You are free to chase your happiness...You are free to take the "Road not taken"... You are free to create your own path... You are free to create your own destiny... You are free to fly without the fear of scoring marks holding you back.

Nobody would comment what a waste of wonderful mind you are doing because according to them, only children who score good marks have wonderful minds. You won't be chasing marks but you'll be exploring your creativity. It's upto you to prove to the society that marks scored in an exam doesn't prove who you are and what you are capable of. Never let marks define yourself.Instead, let your actions and attitide define who you are.

Don't be depressed for getting low marks and take bad decisions thereby ending your wonderful life. Instead be joyous as you can always do much better...

And I'll let you in on a little secret...After sometime, nobody cares about the numbers in your marks card...They only care abt the knowledge in your brain and the experiences in your mind.


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