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The TV advertising has been a wonderful source for promoting the products of the company. Now, the products have increased and so are the advertisements, but lacking the right meaning to convince the viewers.

The art of audiovisual presentation on the TV has surprisingly downgraded below the dignity of some products. Despite, the reputation, a few business houses never bothered to review their promotional Ads. The effectiveness of a product sometimes never realized and worked only one way and without a customer’s feedback. Thus, the mind of the buyer’s never understood and Ads has to be repeated on various channels incurring huge expenditure.

The basic concept of the Ad should be appealing, adaptive and learning about the new products. The words and expressions of a few Ads are silly and disgraceful, such as ‘Dag achey hai,’ ‘Pour rub Pour,’ ‘Isa gerenge vysa girenge,’ ‘Mud mud ke dekh’ etc. One Ad shows how to playing in the dirt, other with the stubborn reply to wash, other one to fall and another to check your back. Similarly, the words, spelling and meaning are confusing the younger generation. The words ‘Prepare and Repair’ are the most after watching the cream Ads.

Even the eminent and renowned personalities who represent the screen are bound to play the vague roles. Of course, everyone’s aware what tempts them to accept and enact. Remember, who rubs his hands on the cooking apron promoting the powder. The prohibited promotions are tactfully leaving the good signature such as ‘No 1 Yaari hai,’ ‘Men will be men’ and other mineral water Ads. Surprisingly, the impact of these Ads is more than the products of healthcare and medicine.

The launch of multiple brands of a single company has squeezed out the positive quality, creativity and sensible time slot. The product ambassadors and endorsements are sometimes irrelevant to their profession, or field. The goodness of the product is determined by the viewers, but the promotions nowadays are more boosting themselves than the choice of the buyers and their preferences. So some of the audience dislike and hesitate to use or try the product.

The decency goes with a dignity of the product. It's a better to review and provide a good knowledge of the launch and services. The focus should be with a polite, pleasing and appealing tone. The viewers are smarter and selective, despite the various competitive brands. There are few Ads which gravitate customers towards the product and compel them to buy such as 'Hunger achhe achon ko badal dethai of snacks,' 'Ramesh and Suresh' of chocolates, Infants with baby oils, two wheelers and car manufacturers.

Finally, the aim and ideology of the products related to the country, culture and tradition are most attractive and capture the minds of the customers.



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