An act of kindness can give a real meaning to your life

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An act of kindness can give a real meaning to your life

We all are really busy in our lives, indeed! But have you ever pondered on the fact that on each stage of our life there is always a worry, our minds are always occupied? While we are in school we are busy in studies, in college again we have assignments, semester exams, attendance etc. to have a busy routine. After that the job! The fear of the boss, promotion, tight schedule always keeps us preoccupied. Family relations, Children's education, their marriage and so on and so forth....this is an endless list which stops only with our death.

Death is an integral path of our life. No matter how much money we may earn or how big status we may achieve, everyone has to die. You won't take even a single penny of what you are earning today. So is money important? Is the world limited only to our family?

No, there is a lot of pain in society. If you will turn your eyes around you will see that conditions are even worse than yours in different people's lives. Some are not even lucky enough to receive the meal for even once in a day. People are struggling with poor health and disorder but they don't have money for treatment. How would it feel to see your loved ones die in front of you and not being able to do anything?

Women become victims of sexual assault, rapes and so many kinds of violence. Children are struggling for getting an education and are several times exposed to child labour. Poverty is an evil plaguing the society. The marginalized sections have to suffer a lot because of castes, region, religion, and other kinds of disparities.

If you will take a close look amongst the happenings around you, you will feel that your pain is nothing in front of these people. Your troubles will seem less.

As we all have to die one day why not help the downtrodden and underprivileged and give back to society? Why not land a helping hand to people in need so that even they can enrich their lives and there can be a creation of a better society?

Now you would ask what good it will bring to you? Surely it won't give you any monetary benefits but it will definitely give you a sense of satisfaction. And I swear the sense of satisfaction is very important. If you are satisfied at the end of the day by just doing small acts of kindness, you will always have a meaning in life. You will never lose hope. Happiness will thrive in your surroundings. You will feel positive and energetic.

You can start from anywhere like feeding poor people or animals. Meeting with kids in the orphanage, helping someone with your skills and capabilities. Even just your smile can bring a smile on some other's face. What does it take? Absolutely nothing just a big heart and a deep insight into the life and its meaning.

So start from today! Let the true meaning of life unveil and get ready to enjoy the beauty of kindness.


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