An Important Lesson From The Book Called Life

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An Important Lesson From The Book Called Life


The rain in our lives brings opportunities for growth. Be still sad heart and cease repining; Behind the clouds, the sun is shining. Fate is the common fate to all. Into each life, a little rain must fall. Some days are bright and shiny and some days are dark and deary. According to Marlene Buffa "As we embrace the gentle rain and small sprinklings of life, we prepare ourselves by learning the most valuable lessons, the heavens give us at a perfect time and place."

It reminds me of the story when I was a young boy and my grandfather always used to tell me"Just Run In The Rain" and you will not get wet. At that point in time and even till later point of time I really never ever understood the correct meaning of this phrase, till I encountered problems, problems and more problems in life. It goes on like this in life when everything is hard on us if we are able to dodge those negativity thoughts ideas etc or at least try to block them for a small fraction of time when we find a path that takes us to light. And for this, we must think and ponder over the issues that are bothering us the most. At that point in time if we try with our heart then we can come up with the situation and moves towards the goal of our life. When I was down in my life I remembered this phrase and in turn, it invoked positivity inside me which led to confidence and optimism inside me. This is still working from me to date. 

When we realise that the inevitable rain showers come and go in our lives, no matter how much we try to avoid the dampness of the moment, we find comfort and a sense of content understanding when we look behind the cloud, of circumstances and also know the sunshine of possibility never left our world. Life lessons like rain in our lives offer both pleasant and unpleasant(missed) experiences. We recognise that life is full of challenges missed like precipitation, bring opportunities for growth and development. 

Vice-a-versa to this phrase, if we put up an umbrella of protection then we are blocking ourselves of new information and skills. This, in turn, holds our growth. At this point even if we get wet in the rain then also we also learn more valuable lessons that act as a blessing in disguise. Only when we walk in the rain with its glorious thunder and lighting and life-sustaining water, do we embrace the possibility of moving through it and accepts its blessings as it brings along. When it rains it really pours so it also binds us. 

At times in our lives, all of us experience drought or downpour. We complacently go from day to day, enjoying our bliss. At that particular point of time, we start seeing the accumulation of our problems and feel the residual effects of gathering storm, but we do not experience the outburst directly. And then when skies open up and problems pour down on us, we use different methods like prayer, fasting etc on start developing new mechanisms to assist us in redirecting the conflict away from us. One little lesson at a time we feel soaked in life's education, yet we must remember what's in between the drop themselves. Thus my grandfather advice  to run in between the drops meant that while we experience downpour of life the way to cross the street   to sunny side of positive outcome is to take advantage of those brief moments and spaces in time-between the drop, and take a time to assess  what's happening, then  correct our paths or methods to get desired results, then move to next bigger challenge.

Then when the rain stops everything becomes normal and life moves on. It has happened to me and this can happen to other persons also. Till date, it is the most valuable lesson that I learnt. It was a blessing in disguise situation to me and I made it to the most by thinking pondering over the issues, then I corrected myself by taking positive steps with the help of my family, friends and came out of it. 

So, its time to celebrate your life between the dark clouds, wet air and know if you move with speed and deliberation and learn from the storms in your life, the clouds eventually move on. Everything in life is temporary. Difficulties always evaporate with time. ones true power is found between the trickles os misfortune, in the awareness of your ability to move from challenge to the next.


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