Are our Graduates good for Jobs in India?

Tanajit Dutta
Tanajit Dutta
Sep 1 , 2018 10 min read 1011 Views Likes 1 Comments
Are our Graduates good for Jobs in India?

Hello everyone. Today I am writing on a topic which is a little controversial. I'm sorry to stir up a controversy but as a free citizen of India I have the right to express my opinion not offending anyone directly. Few days ago I went to an Interview where a group discussion took place and the topic was 'Are our graduates good for Jobs in India?' As the question asked many participants made many comments. Almost everyone agrees that we study something in school or University and we land on a different job now a days. Many of us fails to understand why does it happen in India.

Today I'm going to discuss the reasons why we do land on different jobs. Our education system or syllabus does not match the criterias needed in the Job market. We study History, Geography, Science, Maths, language etc in schools and colleges but most number of jobs in India are based on IT/BPO or software development related. Manufacturing jobs are less in number. Even if it has our engineers not up to the level as compared to China and that is the reason iPhone maker company Apple goes to China to make delicate iPhones and sell in the USA. Citizens of India highly dependant on jobs such as IT/software, customer service which fuels the Indian GDP and economy now. If these jobs go to other countries like China and Philipines the Indian economy will be destroyed. Plenty of Graduates will loose jobs. 

What should be done? Well I am not a Scientist/Economist, so I am not giving a definite solution but I think our Government should change the pattern of syllabus and teaching methods in schools and colleges. Instead of studying books only, our students should learn how to make things from the very begining of childhood. Work Education(Hands on practical classes) concept is very popular in China and this is the reason they are 30 years ahead in terms of Manufacturing things. We should be self sufficient to make things to fulfill the demands within the country as well as outside of the country. We are going through a smooth time now but apprehending the trade wars in coming days we should prepare our students for a better tomorrow.

We are a highly populated country so accepting the formula of 1 teacher : 10 students like the developed countries where population is less will not be very easy to adopt soon. If we keep on studying things and end up writing all in the exams to get good marks only, we are not going anywhere. We will still be finding jobs in some organization  rather than being a creator and creating jobs for millenials. Countries like USA, France and UK focuses a lot on the Student's ability to create something, their creativity matters a lot but in India, Schools and colleges will only see your percentage and grades. We all know we have to study a lot to get good marks in exam. This study could be made a fun work with hands on practical classes. Instead of written exams there should be project based competiotion to gauge student's performance. 

These are my opinion only. As a responsible citizen of India I just thought for some better options. I will be really happy to see my readers criticizing my opinion. If anyone has any better idea they can also share it. Sharing knowledge will definitely help everyone of us. I dream to be part of a great India and a greater tomorrow. 


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