Are we really free?

Ram Dhiraj
Ram Dhiraj
Dec 3 , 2018 8 min read 2236 Views Likes 0 Comments
Are we really free?

FREEDOM, our birthright, isn't it? Pause a second to ponder, are we really free? Do we really feel that we are free from all the things, being totally us? Well, I guess NO!

We aren't free of our thoughts, we aren't free to express, we aren't even free to live a life we want to. Somewhere somehow we all are bounded. Bounded by the narrow-mindedness of the society, bounded by the useless and unrealistic beliefs set upon us by these people who we have to follow blindly, bounded by the time the clock ticks, bounded by the dresses we wear, bounded by the words we speak.

SOCIETY, the people who frame us. It is so sad to say that society, which was meant to be the root of development, has actually started creating cracks among us. We are judged, judged as characterless for wearing short clothes, judged as disrespectful if some abusive word comes out. The other day my friend told me a story of her sister, who was treated very cruelly by her own family members because she wanted to marry a man of another caste. SO, here we are !! We have divided ourselves on the basis of castes we belong to. Does love need a cast to be expressed? The next time before falling in love, should I ask my partner "WHICH CASTE YOU BELONG TO?".  How foolish these unrealistic things are and how much hatred this has created among our own people? We ourselves are not allowed to choose the happiness we deserve.

Even today, I have seen girls who are not allowed to go outside alone, not even for higher studies. I have even seen boys who are not allowed to choose the career of their choice. Somewhere we all are also bound by the expectations of others. We don't choose our choices because we want to, rather because they want us to. And then between all this, we lose ourselves, we dig our happiness deep inside just to fulfil others'.

Are we really free?

We have forced ourselves to believe we are free, while in reality, we are not. Freedom is not just hanging late night out with your friends or doing the job you like. Freedom is keeping yourself independent of everything. Not once a thought of someone else should come in mind when the need is to prioritize your happiness. Freedom is doing what makes you happy. Freedom is getting yourself at peace. Where you find solace, that is where freedom lies. 

So the next time someone asks are you free to do so? Ask yourself "Am I really free, or am I doing it for the sake of something else", and once you get the answer I can assure your immense happiness because FREEDOM IS HAPPINESS.


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