Are we really need democracy in India or we have been tired from freedom?

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Are we really need democracy in India or we have been tired from freedom?

I am asking this question is why because there is a threat to democracy no matter how less or more but there is, but no one is asking question neither even journalists. who become everyone's voice now they are playing as the 'gandhi ji ke teen bandar' three monkeys of gandhi ji yeah those one whom we've been heard in childhood stories. 

Why journalists are behaving like this even i am just a beginner and student but after reading the whole piece might be its makeup but even i have lots of questions to ask so i asked from my teachers they said no we can't discuss this because there is always a threat to democracy what we can do? being a journalists how anyone can be so numb on this kind of matter, where's been all fire under a frozen sea of fear? 

Being a journalist our first mandatory job is to ask question and then print the whole truth. That is here i have tried to do in this whole piece to see outside the window through my own eyes is there raining or not?


i'm a writer and also student of journalism.

Here I went through the news that senior journlist punya prasun Bajpai of Aajtak been fired from ABP

No this isn't wrong but see it is like he was in Aaj tak since 15 years and in recent while interviewing Ramdev baba he asked so hard question so he being pressurised by news channel to not ask because channel was been pressured by government.

So he leaved the channel and joined ABP and he began to start show there 'Master stroke' since last two month where he asked so many hard questions from BJP government.

So the climax of the story is he been pressurized again by channel head and government it's been saying shows timing get changed and at the timing of show signal being lost so people couldn't watch the show.

At last noted as punya prasun Bajpai leaves the show or he being fired and had to resigned from the show and two other senior member of channel also did resign...

I thought what something like he said against government that they're doing this much hard to making stop show and changing its time..

I watched one video of the show where he was briefing how the corporate support government and they both make profit to each other. At begining I was like it's fine what's wrong if a businessman of India is working in India and through that government getting few so fine.

Now we indian can do digest this much it's isn't big deal but then next there was included

"The land in Nagpur where Anil Ambani made plant was taken by farmers and many of farmer attempted suicide due to that and many did protest but nothing happened, and now 9 months after completing plant there's no machine or part of plane has been made.

Means if there is only 1% is true in this news so really shameful for government and instead making it right what they're doing trying to stop the voice, and show. Means if you're right so prove it or give answers.

Journalist duty is to ask questions and they will and government duty is to give answer and they had to, this is called democracy no?

We didn't have see the emergency but we have heard lot and also through BJP that was the darkest phase for India and democracy was being threaten harshly where Indira Gandhi banned all show music. And everything.

But today if the BJP government has to do really hard to stop a jounrlists voice or a show it's isn't emergency and threat to democracy...

Yes there's lot difference in the time and way but this is the 21st century here everything in different way so also emergency. They say here we didn't have stop anyone or show or something so wait if there are 9 show where government being praised and its work so let them run

But if there's one show where people are asking question to government and making out the reality or their mistakes.

So make them stop or make pressure on them threat them is democracy?

I don't think so...

If BJP is this much great so they should accept their mistakes, and trying to do something make right and answer it. or if they are right so make it prove but instead that if you are trying to stop one from asking question so wait you are threating democracy and it's completely intolerable.

India is the biggest democracy and here the biggest power is journalism you are making them weak and silent a voice

So this is the really danger for India for journalists

But it's fine if India going to change its nature of democracy and on the path of dictatorship then I don't have any problem.

For realizing and loving the morning we need to see darkest night, so for loving our freedom we need to be caged at least for a few but whatever it is don't make up do it in clear way.

And after reading these all I was thinking why there's no journalist come at front or raise the voice. Journalists who become everyone's voice now not ready to be their own. Why?

I was discussing all of these with my friend so he made me clear that might be government had done or opted a crime but journalists also use tactics to get publicity and channels also. yes it's like the line 'daag acche h' stain on cloths are good if it making you famous you know?

He said it's been happening many time so journalists know these things so they don't want to join.

And in my class I suggest a topic to teacher for discussion 'the whole incident and threat to democracy' and she replied as no no there is always threat to democracy. We can't discuss that, means no importance of democracy and of course neither of journlist.

Then I thought that it's kind of a game going on each and everyone politicians, journalists, system playing a game. Only there's someone is a more strong and experienced player and someone a naive. But everyone are playing and few are like us also just have entered in muddy field been worried, disappointed and then forget.


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