As A Writer, Why Solitude Is My Favourite Companion?

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As A Writer, Why Solitude Is My Favourite Companion?

Can isolation fascinate someone? Can being alone be a part of someone’s fairy-tale, without any complaints?

If you quietly answered “yes” to both of these questions, give a pat on your back!

There’s no doubt you are an honorary member of an elite group called “Creative People”.

In a digital age where people dislike solitude and can’t avoid the conversations, creative guys love spending some time alone. Not always do they strive to do it, but there are fixed hours in a day, where a writer would desire to work alone.

Ask a writer his preferred timings to write - 8 out of 10 writers would choose the night time between 11 PM – 4 AM.

Those are the most peaceful hours when a writer can spend time with himself and wander in his mind without caring to get noticed.

That’s when the family members fall asleep, and fingers get intimated with the keyboard, generating a musical sound for the ears, as the writer unravels his thoughts.

Why wouldn’t someone fall in love with writing again and again, during those hours?

Although, writers create compelling pieces of content throughout the day…in their job, while surrounded by colleagues, in their homes, encircled by family members, in the co-working spaces, sitting beside other co-workers.

Yet, there’s a time, a fixed time in a day when they don’t want to hear the external noises. Writers don’t want to get distracted by the information continuously fed in their minds by other people.

Solitude helps them in listening to their inner voices and carve out emotions and feelings naturally.

Why do people feel rejuvenated on visiting Jammu & Kashmir or other tourist destinations in faraway areas of Himachal Pradesh?

Because mobile connectivity isn’t available in these areas, they can easily cut themselves from the outer world and spend some time being alone. The level of creativity goes higher than even the Mount Everest, and suddenly, the ideas start flowing freely. That’s the power of Solitude.

When a writer is surrounded by people, he might not express himself because of fear of getting judged. However, when he’s alone and fearless, he can be natural in writing down his emotions freely.

Many times, I have written down the weirdest things in isolation to express myself and my feelings, which gave me enough satisfaction.

Yes, the conversation is an integral part of a writer’s life because it gives birth to several thoughts and ideas. More you speak to people, more the stories you get to hear which becomes a base for your writings.

However, a writer thrives when he writes in solitude at some time in a day. So, the next time, when you meet a writer, don’t mock him for spending some hours alone – those are the most delightful moments for him.

What are your thoughts? Do you spend time alone or in a company? What do you like most? Drop your valuable inputs in the comment section below.

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