Attitudes In Life

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Attitudes In Life

Attitudes in Life

“The Problem is not the Problem; The Problem is your attitude about the Problem” attributed to Captain Jack Sparrow

Life is an Experience that we live. It does not need a past and future but a present situation that leads to your future and connected to past. Life gives you many reasons to smile, sad, depressed, isolated and that may sometimes incongruity to many events, festive and celebrations, only for the sole reason of your capability. We must be adaptable to many situations in life. There are many definitions and meaning given to Life according to many writers, poets, novelists. But one of the implications that come out of my mind is a full form for the word ‘Life’.

L - Living

I – In

F – Fixed

E - Entity

Life is a Unique existence that is given to all animals, plants, and mammals but when it comes to human beings it is an emerging and growing attitude that exists in us. Our Attitude depends on our ability. Our Life must exist in an entity that humans are only having the ability to change the gear of the Life. We have the ability to stick on, to move on, to adapt and to build and to destroy. Sometimes ourselves are stuck in our Attitude to do some large thing which is equal to the ability of a human being. It all depends on our Attitude:

Some Common Attitude that we often used to have in our life are:

Positive Attitude

It is an attitude of being optimistic from the inner self. Our Inner capability of being positive makes us stronger and healthier.

Negative Attitude

Being pessimistic is the worst part of our self to succeed in Life. Our inner-self lacks confidence and motivation to be happy in Life.

Neutral Attitude

An Attitude which lies in the centre of positive and negative. A learned behaviour to the involvement of others initially in any matter. They are more self-satisfied in nature.  

Sikken Attitude

An Attitude which stringent our lifestyle. It has a severe effect than being negative, it does not enable us to alter our thoughts and actions.

By studying about various attitudes, it makes us more alarm to be cautious to Life and to make appropriate decisions to make life more satisfied and competent. Our life is to change our attitude against all reasons that lack the growth of thoughts and actions which leads to our growth in life. We must be considered with a special entity to look into the attitude of our Life.

“Change Your Life by changing your attitude”.


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