Basic Rules of MONEY -1

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Basic Rules of MONEY -1


Today the money plays a very important role in our day-to-day life. Everything around us has become very materialistic by nature, so has a human being. Anything that a person wants to do is directly or indirectly associated with money. Money is playing a very big decisive role in human beings. To be truth all of us are running after the money. 

Even our relationship with our family members, society as a whole has become very materialistic by nature. Yes, it is true that if a person has to survive in this world then money is needed at every single step and nobody can run away from it. But contrary to this one should not commit limit while running after money which will ruin everything in one's life.

The world as a whole is divided into two parts. The person who has money in one category and one who is not having money in another category (haves and have not - according to Karl Max). Even today there are people on this planet Earth who do not have any source and are suffering, as a result, they are not having two square a meal a day. And on the other hand, people have so much money that on the smallest pretext they waste millions of money or one should look around our society where the food is wasted in social gatherings of marriage or any other social event. Similarly, every individual has wants and needs. There are three basic needs food, shelter (house), clothes. But wants are many and every day it's increasing 

In order to survive all of our work, either we work for someone (person, organisation etc) or we work for ourselves. So in our lives, we work daily for 10 to 12 hours for 6 days a week for the next 40 to 50 years. All we do is get ready go to the office and come back home and it goes on and on and on... As a result, our income starts increasing and our expenditure. One can blame on everything like society, peers, family members that we stop saving money and fall into debt trap. As a result, if there is no saving then there is no investment. What comes in as salary goes very quickly as expenditure.

After sometimes personal finances start playing a very important role. And for every individual personal finance cannot be generalised. Though broad principles are universal, the actual application requires decisions the individual should make according to specific situations. Earlier on only very few people used to buy funds when they used to be cheap, but used to sell of those funds when the markets became volatile. They stopped buying funds saying they are risky by nature. But today only a few people buy these funds and make money thus creating wealth for themselves and they are getting rich dividends.

One of the biggest problems is that people only save money and do not invest money. Saving money is alright but to meet extra expenditure or to counter inflation investment of money is needed. Saving money is a safe proposition which has been practised through decades. But one problem lies out here ones money is not compounded while is done where one is investing money.

There are very few simple steps that if a person wants can start creating his wealth, but it all depends upon the will power and getting financial knowledge. At some point of time, all of us have money to spare, but all of us become spendthrift and blow up the money but there are very few people who take advantage of this situation and invest their money and earn rich dividends in future which in turns help in building their own wealth.

So, the choice is yours as what exactly you want to do. Time is short and it is running very quickly think it over...

(to be concluded in next article)


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