Being Human

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Being Human

Listen here girl, forget all your woes,

Go fall in love with that stubby little nose.

And when there is no soul for miles,

Look in the mirror and adore those lovely smiles.


Fall in love girl, with those beautiful big eyes,

And those tired but victorious sighs!

Remember you are made of cute little handles,

Strong and steady on your feet in the big sandals.


It matters not whether your skin is fair or dark,

Always remember you carry your own bright spark!

Let the world judge, they have nothing better to do,

Be happy, be proud, for there is just one you.


Wear it if you want it,

And flaunt it ‘cause you own it.

Your imperfections are a part of you,

Always know that flaws are beautiful too.


Don’t wait for someone to sweep you off your feet,

Be your own armored shining knight.

Admire and aspire that lady in the reflection,

For you deserve all her affection.


And when someone tells you to change your sway,

Makes you feel you are not enough in anyway!

Smile at them and reply with respect,

Being human is more important than being perfect.


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