Beta tmse na ho paega - (know your mind)

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Beta tmse na ho paega -  (know your mind)

Beta tmse na ho paega - hmko tmre lakshan bilkul thik nai lag re

Remember this line from "Gangs of wasseypur". That's what our parents think of us because we all not study. so this excerpt is for those who are victims of the above line

Yes! You heard it right ! today i am gonna read your mind. No am not a Astrologist or tarot card reader but a simple guy who is in your shoes. Like you all i too have a carefree attitude or we can say it in our language "VElla ". By the above image i just wanted to tell you that your mind works on your fingers and we all have a misconception that we work according to our mind.

then why we are not able to concentrate !

here's a very simple answer

we are not able to concentrate because our mind is busy imagining about other interesting stuffs different from what we are doing. For example we all never want to study and if some how due to parents pressure or scoldings we sit to study

please pay attention,some how not by choice

then our mind is so excited during this peak hour of study that we all start watching a 3d movie in our mind without a penny

     right na - you all must have been through the same situation.  

are we mad? are we abnormal?  And the biggest question -


guys let me all motivate you by saying "if in our imagination we do a lot of things then in reality we can do much better". Because imagination is first step of success.

so how to overcome this concentration problem. The simplest way to overcome this problem is to divide in 3 slots - one for study, one for fullfilling our imagination and the 3rd slot for doing necessary everyday things.

now during the second slot time do whatever crazy things you imagine during your study time so that next time when you sit to study you have a satisfaction that i have done this and you will notice that your mind is also not thinking about that thing.

in beginning it would a little difficult but as you proceed you would improve.

Not let me wind up my thoughts by my simple quotation

our body doesn't lives in mind but mind lives in our body  

so controlling our mind is in our cup of tea so next time just make your mind get boggling and say

All IZZZ WElllll  


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