Bring Changes Within

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Bring Changes  Within

A change is a very natural phenomenon and it occurs to every individual on this planet earth. In human beings, changes occur, but a very few people put their foot forward and by moving out from their comfort zone to achieve something that they might not have even dreamt off. According to Lao Tzu "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." 

Change is the basic essential step for every individual, and in holy books, it has been mentioned that everything around us changes like if we sow a seed in an earthen pot then it keeps on changing itself and blooms into a tree which gives us fruit. Today the things have changed as this word Change used to carry so much weight that it has been lifted. The other factor that can be attributed is that the people have started changing their mindsets. Change to people in our times is not what it used to be from our present, a frightening thought and a challenging path that could be taken only if it was our last chance to survive.

Recently a worldwide survey was conducted and it revealed that 78% of people from the age group of 18 to 70 years wanted to change the fundamental aspects of themselves. To be more specific these people wanted to move towards more positive, and be more open, extrovert, and more agreeable. Many authors and psychologists do believe that people are seeking new things, at any age these days because they are seeking joy, and have the desire to live their lives, not just exist between the grind of earning their bread and butter. By doing this it makes people happy and they are willing to learn new skills and take up few challenges. And that's the main reason why people do not dread the word Change any more, with an increase in life expectancy people, Also change is not the taboo in our society anymore. Earlier if people did something drastic with their looks or life, they would be laughed at.

An earlier midlife crisis would be a whisper doing rounds in the society. Now as the times have changed there is nothing critical about Change. In fact, as things have changed as people admire those people who embrace the change and move forward in life. The desire for change comes from within, as they are seeing life in different perspective. At the same time, 97% of us want to be more conscientious and feel more motivated. The two qualities that can not be ignored are being positive and looking inwards.  Change always comes by taking micro-steps.

Today the rules of reinvention have changed, whether you want to end procrastinating or become more sociable, its possible to change the very basic idea of who you are. If you want to reinvent yourself then with strong will power you need to take action. Do something big as age is no bar to chase your dreams or your self. It just takes the willpower and discipline to achieve the impossible. Its all about moving away from your comfort zone. .One should always reinvent oneself by having faith and belief in oneself, boost up your mastery, lose the fear of disappointment make more friends have courage and plan. Also be willing to let things go ageing is a process of opening rather than closing doors. Crush your regrets and start anytime.


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