BTS Adorable MC for Youth Revolution

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BTS Adorable MC for Youth Revolution

Maybe a while back you would have said who's BTS, but after their historic appearance at the prestigious Grammy Awards, they don't need any introduction as to who they are. Nevertheless, for those who still like saying (even though they know) who BTS is, well BTS is compiled by Kim Seokjin (Jin), Min Yongi (Suga), Jung Joseph (J-Hope), Kim Namjoon (RM- Rap Monster), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Taehung (V) and Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook).

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeodan) are also known as the Bulletproof Boys Scout and by 2017, their group name became a backronym for 'Beyond the Scene'. BTS is the group that got 300 million votes and received the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist Award in 2017 and 2018 as well. Guinness World Records even revealed in 2017, that BTS had the world's most twitter engagement for a music group with nearly half the world population (502 million) engaging on Twitter. They also received the Outstanding Achievers award at The Asia Awards in 2018 and Favorite Social Artist Award at the American Music Awards, becoming the first Korean group to receive the award.

They also got the first place in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity ranking and #1 position in the Gallup Poll for Korea's most loved artist in 2018. They also got the Order of Culture Merit from the Korean government, becoming the youngest to ever do so. Their songs are not just lovey-dovey types, but motivational ones. Not gonna write about each one, but their School trilogy (2 cool 4 skool, O! RuL 8,2? and skool luv affair) dealt with anxiety and troubles faced by the school youth. Wings dealt with mental health and female empowerment. 'Not Today', well, it's become the anti-establishment anthem for the youth. Last, but not least, their Love Yourself era:

Love Yourself: H E R: speaks about love, friendship, loss and death

Love Yourself: Wonder: a nine-minute concept video of Jungkook proving his singing capabilities (all those who say he can't sing, listen to Euphoria and then speak).

Love Yourself: Tear: deals with grief through separation

Love Yourself: Answer: has been acclaimed as a magnum opus that perhaps no other boy band could have accomplished. Let's not talk about the donations they have done as BTS don't like to brag about it. 

Even after all this, they have to face haters. Haters, who said Bangtan Sonyeodan would not last for more than two years (2013 and active as ever) to which BTS boys said they are the Bulletproof Boys Scout to protect the youth from prejudice and attacks. RM also got very harsh comments for his rapping (which I don't understand why, cause as a rapper, he's amazing) and the group received a lot of hate mail as well. Since the boys don't know English, RM used to read them as love or motivational messages from fans, so, the boys would not feel bad. Just imagine, how RM must have felt while reading the letters. Still, think RM is not the best leader.

They also released the Cypher series in four parts: Cypher pt.1, Cypher pt.2: triptych, Cypher pt.3: Killer and Cypher pt.4 in which RM, Suga, and J-Hope showed their rapping skills and let the haters know, BTS is not going to back out because of baseless comments. Finally, BTS released Mic Drop stating their triumph over the haters.

Honestly, are these 'haters' really that free (obviously, they don't have any real work) to actually spend the time to make videos or post comments against BTS. Some people are blessed with a stage to stand on to be able to speak on. But, they prefer to use it for speaking baseless things about BTS. I don't understand what anyone gets from lamenting wrong things from one's mouth. It's very clear BTS is the voice of the youth. They have the ARMY (Adorable MC for Youth) behind them who support and love them. BTS have millions supporting them cause they spread love and motivational messages in their songs. Its time 'haters' should get better work to do.

After seeing the MV 'Fake Love', there was no turning back for me and I became part of the ARMY. Now, don't assume I'm an ARMY that's why I'm writing about BTS, the fact is, as a human I don't think the boys need all these useless stuff. They worked really hard to reach where they are. They spent years practising to perfect themselves. If, you don't want to support them at least don't say bad about BTS.

BTS forever 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


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