BTS - seven boys who inspire you to Love Yourself 

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BTS - seven boys who inspire you to Love Yourself 

Donation is a simple word but when some money or stuff is donated, the person who receives them, it means the whole world to them.

And lots of people donate, no big thing. Then why is donating such a prideful act and why do you get praised when you do.

The reason is simple - donating is not possible for all. Why, because donating needs a heart, a heart that can feel the loss and pain of others. The soul to be able to give from your money or some things to people you don't know, will never probably meet in your life and will never get the money or the things back.

The only thing a donator gets is blessings from the heart.

BTS are the world's most famous K-pop group of boys between 22-28. Usually boys of this age are wondering what to do or how to make your future secure.

OK so most will say, if they don't donate, who else will. Yes, the BTS boys are millionaires and if they donate no big deal.

But there are more rich socialites and celebrities than them and how much they donate, everyone knows.

From their debut days, BTS have been inspirational. Every album they release always has a story to convey, a motivational message and most of their songs are inspirational as well.

BTS don't just donate, they always donate for a cause.

Black Lives Matter

The beloved group shared their solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter initiative by donating $1 million in June 2020. According to the managing director of Black Lives Matter Kailee Scales, the black community is in pain and suffering from centuries of oppression across the world. Scales was moved by the generosity BTS showed towards the cause.

Inspired by their loved group, BTS Army set the hashtag #MatchAMillion goal and raised donations surpassing $1 million for the BLM cause.

BTS denounce Anti-Asian attacks

Recently the group posted on twitter and spoke about the racist attacks they've endured before they stood up against all racial discrimination. The message was conveyed on the heels of the deadly March 16 Atlanta shooting, which left eight people dead - six Asian women included.

BTS wrote, they felt grief and anger on the attack. The boys recalled how they themselves endured expletives over the years and how they were mocked for their looks. They even were asked baseless questions like why Asians speak English.

The boys said it's not possible to put the pain of being a subject of hatred into words. But, what they want to convey in a clear voice is - BTS stands against racism and condemn violence because everyone has the right to be respected.

BTS sharing words of encouragement

During the 75th United Nations General Assembly session BTS got invited to say a few words of hope and encouragement to the young people during the pandemic.

Each member took the mic and revealed how lonely and hopeless they felt as if everything fell apart and how they conveyed their honest feelings from their music. He said he found the music he loved and found himself. He also said thinking about your future and trying hard is important. But most important is to cherish yourself, stay encouraged and be happy. RM told everyone to love yourself and imagine your future and that BTS will always be there for you.

Support for Children Battling Cancer

No one wants to see their child in pain and the worst thing ever is having to see your child in pain and you can't afford the medical expenses.

Sugar donated $88,000 on his 28th birthday to Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center in his hometown of Daegu. He wanted to help those children who were unable to receive proper treatment because of financial hardships their families faced. The hospital director Cho Chi-heum spoke of Suga's generosity when he told how much moved he and his team are by Suga's deed. He hoped such positive influence can spread further in the society.

Inspiring people to Love Yourself

Following the release of their album Love Yourself: Her, the group and their label Big Hit Entertainment joined hands with UNICEF in 2017 for the promotion of LOVE MYSELF (an anti-violence campaign with the initiative to create a safer world for the young people to live a happier lives, without fear of violence). The group not only donated a part of the album's sales but 100 percent of the entire profits from the merch as well.

Donating to Sewol Ferry Victims

In 2017 the Sewol Ferry Disaster took place in which 250 students drowned to death after the MV Sewol ferry capsized. The students were on a school trip in South Korea. The group donated $100 million Korean won for the cause to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council. Jin joins UNICEF's Honors Club

BTS member Jin has become a member of UNICEF's Honors Club as his donations have surpassed the 100 million Korean won mark in 2019. The club's initiative is to improve the lives of children through the funds raised and mentorship programs.

Supporting Music Education the Hearing Impaired

RM (Kim Namjoon) donated 100 million Korean won on his 25th birthday for the students of Seoul Samsun School where the hearing impaired children receive music education. RM said he wants to help students enjoy music with hearing difficulties through various means.

With their latest track 'Butter', BTS are back with another inspirational track showing once again how to love yourself and prove your worth for yourself. 


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