Can Video Games Develop Your Manual Skills, Read and Find Out 

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Can Video Games Develop Your Manual Skills, Read and Find Out 

When it comes to playing games (mobile or PlayStation) it's considered a waste of time and no one hates it more than the parents who think games will spoil their children. But you might not be knowing that gaming actually develops cognitive skills and it's proven to develop your manual skills as well. Video games have the ability to develop a variety of skills that help in education or training especially while engaging groups of difficult people.

Surveys have proved video games help in developing skills such as solving, spatial and hand-eye coordination skills, and vision and speed skills.

Adolescents who like playing role-playing and strategic games show improved problem solving skills. Even children who play video games show better creativity skills, as the timing of a move is the most crucial part of any game. Puzzle games help in teaching organization skills, while some games teach how to manage resources. You must have played games where a player gets limited resources which need to be utilized throughout the game. While playing such games you're actually enhancing your resource management skills. Video games also teach the players how to control devices.

Reading Skills Development

Most of the time a game engages the player in various cognitive tasks in which most of the time you need to read text that explains the rules or gives clues on what to do next. And, if you do a little searching you can find some 'wordy' video games also which can help improve your child's reading skills. This is a great idea to improve the vocal and reading skills of autistic or stuttering children.

Hand and Eye Coordination Skills

Be it any video game you need hand skills to execute a desired task in time during the game which requires fine and gross motor skills with visual perception. Don't believe me, play a game where you need immense precise timing, sensitive touch and detail. You'll be amazed at your own hand and eye coordination skills. If you're into seeing Chinese dramas then you must have seen 'Kings Avatar' starring Yang Yang. You can see the speed the players show in the drama. I'm amazed how those keyboards didn't break after one game. Matter of fact, playing video games is beneficial for surgeons also as it can help improve their hands performance skills.


OK, you must be asking how sitting in front of a screen playing video games keeps you fit. Video games will be knowing about the Wii and Kinect consoles that utilise motion controllers by detecting the players movements. Playing games is not just playing games it's actually playing by actively moving your body in a particular way. Nowadays most of the sports games are compatible with the system and are proving to be fun for the whole family while playing these simulation games. These types of games have successfully introduced in-doors activity even to people who are not so inclined to being active in sports. Though video games are not beneficial in terms of health, if used in the right way, playing video games can be really beneficial for your health.

Amazing facts about video games

You might be amazed to know the military uses video games as part of their EST (Engagement Skills Training) training technique. They use video games that create a simulated environment which the soldiers might have to face in the future. This way the soldiers can practice their shooting skills in a safer environment and at the same time be able to learn judgement skills during combat as well. Even pilot tutors use video stimulated games to teach a pilot safe operation of a plane before they actually sit behind one to practice.

Video games are also on their way to being recognized as an important tool for rehabilitation, especially with children. The video game consoles such as Wii involve the entire body's movement. This helps the patient to move their entire body in an effortless and less painful way during therapy. 'Wii-habilitation' or video game therapy is quite successful with cerebral palsy children.

The future of video games is bright!

There's no doubt video games are impacting our lives more than expected. They are being used to teach various skills in different industries.

So, maybe it's time to let your children enjoy a game as its no harm. Yes, overdoing of anything is harmful, so maintain a particular time to play so playing video games can be beneficial won't be a bad idea!


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