Cooking, a stupendous art to obliterate diseases

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Cooking, a stupendous art to obliterate diseases

Cooking is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious art.

If one perceives the art of cooking, it is a benison for him or her. While cooking, one will espy that one being grappled with the art of forbearance, assiduousness and each quality statutory for making one's life whimsical.

The anonymous diseases seen in today's life correspond to the cooking pattern we do in our day to day life. Unless this habit is being transmuted, these so called anonymous diseases will not be descried. So it can be divulged that cooking is a science of wresting diseases from our life if properly taken care of.

More efficacious the revamps in the cooking pattern in the current scenario, more imperishable the confiscation of anonymous diseases from our life connoting 90% of precarious diseases being wrested from our life.

There are 5000 formulas in charaksamhita for the eradication of diseases by following the ancient pattern of cooking only.

In today's life, let's say, for instance, cooking is accomplished by using aluminium or steel material pressure cookers or vessels. After the food is simmered, it seems it has been made and the food being devoured. But the gremlin is that the protein content we get is 10-15% from the cooked food.

If this cooking method of cooking in a steel material is being juxtaposed with the ancient method of cooking in a vessel made from mud, it can be discerned that the protein we get in the ancient method is 80-85% in collation to 15% of protein in today's cooking method as being known from research data.

There is scientific norms will be sensed in each form of ancient cooking's life style is too expeditious in money making to make use of those ancient forms for wresting risky diseases.

A revolution is necessitated to have use of those ancient forms being implemented and we have to be so strong in an ethereal manner that we will be competent enough to extirpate those diseases. A large chunk of money would have been extricated from the govt schemes for eradicating diseases if those ancient forms implemented which requires no monetary forms for implementation.


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