Cosmic Coincidence

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Cosmic Coincidence

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why do some people come into your lives. Why do some paths cross just once for never to meet again? Why do some paths keep intersecting each until one day they divert far far away from one another? Some interactions, some meetings, they remain etched in our memories forever, while others fade out. Some bring us immense joy, while others leave in their wake an intense pain.

How do you believe in coincidences when the universe is clearly giving you signs? How do you understand the universe when all it is pointing at is the impossible. Or maybe it is just the result of an overactive mind, one that is fascinated by the fabrics of the universe and is trying to spin it into its own story. A mind that is obsessed with its darkness and arrogant about its impenetrability. It may be wild imagination, it may be cosmic intervention or it may just be karma reminding one of its presence, but whatever it is, it leaves the heart drenched in anxiety, soaking in confusion. For you see, it is easy to train the mind but impossible to control the heart.

The heart desires what the heart desires. And if the heart wants to believe in the universe’s divinity, the mind is but a victim, trapped within its own spectra of truth. But do you really believe in poetic justice, karmic intrusion or for that matter, do you believe in the universal laws of attraction? Do you believe that wanting something irrevocably attracts it into your life? There have been numerous discussions on whether the laws of attraction truly exist or are merely a fragment of our imagination. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but is it entirely impossible to think that maybe the universe, that maybe someone somewhere is giving you subtle hints, certain indications of what is to come next. If déjà vu exists then why not premonitions. Aren’t they too a sign that the cosmos is pointing you towards?

The human mind is uncanny, consumed in its own web of desire and thoughts. But the universe always delivers. It may not be in the shape and form that you desired, it may not come in at a time when you wanted, but it will definitely come. It will come in a shape and form that is perfect for you, it will come at a time when you need it and not just want it. So just take a deep breath and believe. The universe will get you what you want. And while it is difficult believing something that seems so impossible, a little faith in the universe and a little love in the heart, can create miracles and make magic happen.


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