Courageous Leadership

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Courageous Leadership

“Courage” is the key to - “Great Leadership”. It is simple act - what should we do without any fear, Courageous people can change lives of other people. Throughout the ages, people have been searching for great leadership. 

Aristotle said, “courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees others”.

The courageous leaders have the brave heart with emotional capacity and make drastic changes; they are intellectual and take risks to deal with difficult problems also motivate other people with important principles of leadership to their maximum capacity.  Our world need leaders who are courageous and can see into future, everyone has the capacity to be brave and able to make our world better, look through the history people had overcome many obstacles. There are great courageous leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and few more who did not relax, they overcome their fear and move forward and motivated people this made drastic changes in nineteenth and twentieth centuries politically, on other hands Steve Jobs, Bill Gates had the courage to make tough decisions with good choice and organized leadership in business by introducing innovative technology.

Courage and Comfort can never be in the same line, if you are in comfort zone you won’t have any chances of growing or learning a new path whereas courage makes the difference and have the right that leads to change where they are decision makers as they can admit mistakes with ethical behavior and honest communication. Leaders refuse to hide behind and their communication will be open even if they don’t know answers for all. They will lead the change by giving the better solution with an open mind and engage with people also make the decisions and move forward always as it is better than being stuck in one place. Leaders give credit to others and hold people, seek feedback and listen to others. They usually stand alone and know how to solve a problem and bring the truth into light whether it is right or wrong. Dominating courageous leadership can be scary as they undergo crucial moments and face the opposition of risk, there are 3 phrases about courage which are developed through practice and results in success and they are:

“Try courage – The courage of initiative and making first attempts by taking action”,

“Trust courage – The courage of confidence in others, having faith in people and being open to change”,

“Tell courage – The courage to voice to raise difficult issues and providing feedback by sharing opinions”.


There are some Traits of courageous leaders they are ‘confront reality head-on’, ‘seek feedback and listen’, ‘say what needs to be said’, ‘encourage the pushback’, ‘take action on performance issues’, ’move decisions and move forward’ ‘communicate openly and frequently’, ‘give credits to others’, ‘hold people’, ‘lead change from the front’. The one of the most powerful out of this traits is “saying what needs to be said” to the right person at right time in the correct manner.


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