Cowrium ICO Sale Phase 2 Starts: Buy Now at Minimal Price with 50% Bonus

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Cowrium ICO Sale Phase 2 Starts: Buy Now at Minimal Price with 50% Bonus

The phase 1 sale of Cowrium has ended successfully. The response in the community was overwhelming, and we sold all the coins reserved for the phase 1 sale. Now, we are excited to announce the phase 2 sale of Cowrium, which started on February 1, 2020.

Cowrium Phase 2 ICO:

Schedule: FEB 1 to FEB 29 (29 days)

Price: 1CWR = 0.0375USD


  • 10,000CWR — 99,999CWR = 10% Bonus
  • 100,000CWR — 999,999CWR = 30% Bonus
  • 1,000,000CWR and Above = 50% Bonus

Cowrium is a decentralized blockchain network that aims to help small & medium enterprises grow with high-end blockchain solutions such as Smart Contracts, Masternodes, an AI-based prediction system, Crypto to Fiat transfer platform, and more.

The power of Cowrium system lies in its range of highly usable and advanced solutions, which include a powerful, multidimensional cryptocurrency called the Cowrie coin.

The Cowrie coin enables users to make instant, peer-to-peer transactions to anywhere in the world. Also, there is a decentralized app called ErrandBoy that allows the transfer of payments in cryptocurrency such that the receiver gets value in Fiat.

Now, one of the major problems with crypto trading is the inability of current systems to read the market behaviour and provide proper solutions. Seeing that, Cowrium has developed an AI-based prediction system, called Cowrie Stability AI, that will not just predict the market and offer a foreseeable solution but also it will help stabilize the Cowrie value in order to avoid volatility.

Cowrium is a high-potential crypto project that comprises a community of solutions aimed at solving the not-so-common problems of small & medium enterprises.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a convenient way of implementing the blockchain technology into your systems or an individual looking for an easier, affordable and secure way of making cross-border payments, you should check out and invest in the Cowrium ICO.

The 2nd phase sale of Cowrium will end by the end of this month. Buy the Cowrie coin now to avail up to 50% bonus coins on your purchases.

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