Criminalization of politics? or Politicization of criminals?

Rohan M
Rohan M
Oct 29 , 2018 7 min read 4319 Views Likes 0 Comments
Criminalization of politics? or Politicization of criminals?

36% MPs and MLAs are facing trial in 3045 criminal cases 

The report of the central government to the Supreme court brought to the notice the grave threat to India's democracy.  The highest number of cases against lawmakers is in UP followed by Tamilnadu, Bihar, West Bengal.

Literally, the Criminalisation of politics means the criminal tendencies entering the politics and contesting elections and even getting elected to the Parliament and state legislatures.

Thus it's no wonder India has seen;

  • Corruption cases against politicians:-  be it Bofors, 2G spectrum, Coal-gate scams; to mention a few
  • #MeToo related charges against politicians
  • Communalism (Hate speeches given during elections), Muscle and Money power and denial of justice
Shri Rajendra Prasad, the President of Constituent Assembly that created the Constitution of independent India had correctly said, " If the people who are elected are capable men of character and integrity, then they would be able to make the best of even of the defective constitution. If they are lacking in these, the constitution cannot help the country". 

To be a proud citizen of INDIA we have a great tradition of ethical leaders.

  • High integrity of King Vikramaditya or 'Sulh-e-kulh' (religious harmony) policy of King Akbar
  • Ahimsa and Satyagraha are greatest virtues India has ever gifted the world
  • Lal Bahadur Shastriji had resigned as railway minister by taking moral responsibility of rail accident
So I am optimistic about the bright future of our country where honesty still survives. To mention a few:-

  • The Supreme court has allowed FAST TRACK COURT to exclusively prosecute and dispose of criminal cases against MPs and MLAs
  • The Election Commission has made it compulsory for candidates contesting polls to advertise their CRIMINAL RECORD in TV, Newspapers at least thrice during electioneering
  • THE EDUCATION QUALIFICATION of contesting candidates is displayed outside a polling booth
  • Even property and assets of contesting candidates need to be declared while filling a form to contest elections
Is it not a positive change? …Yes, it is!!!  “Good Governance is not an accident”

With more aware citizenship, quality of education, impartial judiciary and proactive Election commission we can set an example before the world that this is our India which is “SAARE JAHAN SE ACCHA”