Dear Congress, stop ‘consoling’ yourself – This defeat is a clear slap on your arrogant face

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Dear Congress, stop ‘consoling’ yourself – This defeat is a clear slap on your arrogant face

Hi Mr Rahul Gandhi and the Indian National Congress Party,

How are you feeling today? Depressed? Shocked? Clueless?

We, the Indian electorates, have not given the clear mandate to just Shri Narendra Modi or Bhartiya Janta Party. Instead, we have re-elected a Government that worked for our welfare in the last 5 years.

We were fed up of being tangled into caste, sex or religion-based politics because it was hindering our growth.

In Narendra Modi, we found a dynamic, powerful and able leader who can take India forward and make it a developed country in years to come. We feel proud when India is recognised as a superpower on the Global platform due to the charismatic leadership of Mr Modi.

We are not blindly trusting the “false dreams” shown by Modi or BJP. We can analyse the policies and current situation and future possibilities wisely.

Mr Gandhi, it’s high time that you and your party should introspect and identify the blunders committed prior to and during the elections.

Rather than celebrating “increased vote share as compared to 2014” or “success in assembly elections recently held in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh”, you should feel ashamed and accept this defeat without any questions.

EVMs are Okay; your intentions are not

Blaming tampering of EVMs for the significant victory of Modi and BJP in these or previous elections is a foolish step – BJP has won because the electorates voted in large numbers.

Voters are wise enough to understand that ₹ 72,000 every year in each bank account is not sufficient to conduct a ‘surgical strike’ on poverty. Rather than debating baselessly on “Chowkidaar Chor Hai”, “Gabbar Singh Tax”, etc., it would be more feasible if you had discussed Congress’s planning to take India forward economically, socially, globally and technologically.

We wanted to hear your ideas as the future Prime Minister but all your rallies revolved around Mr Modi and “Chowkidaar”. Not just you, every political candidate of your party and the opposition tried to deviate our focus from important matters towards silly concerns.

We trust our armed forces – Discussion of National Security ends here!

After the Balakot Air Strike, we appreciated your decision and intent of supporting the ruling Government unanimously. However, merely after a few days, you began questioning the credibility of the air strike.

As an opposition party, you have a democratic right of interrogating the Government’s decisions – but not at the cost of doubting the intentions related to national security.

Indian Air Force (IAF) confirmed the successful execution of the combat operation, but you and the entire opposition continued to suspect it.

More than Modi’s win, it is your loss

Don’t comfort yourself by assuming that the electorates blindly trusted Modi’s decisions and policies. We were also annoyed with few mismanaged policies implementations and absurd statements from some of the ministers and political candidates.

However, when we looked around for a suitable alternative to take the country forward, we couldn’t find a bold and strong opponent fighting for our welfare.

Although there were several small and large political parties fighting the elections, we had far more expectations from you being the largest political party In India after BJP at present.

When we tried to project Shri Rahul Gandhi as our future prime minister, we were frightened on imagining the probable consequences – mismanaged operations, weak leadership, a plethora of errors and immaturity in handling sensitive issues.

In this alarming situation, there was only one option left for us – to trust Modi’s capability in leading India for the next 5 years.


If India wants to grow forward, we need a strong opposition who can cross-examine the ruling Government’s actions and mould them in the public’s favour. In the next 5 years, we expect you and the entire opposition not to dissolve the parliamentary sessions and raise our concerns more responsibly. We hope that these results can teach you the real “politics”.



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