Dear PM Modi, I ensured your victory. Now can you ensure the safety of India’s daughters? 

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Dear PM Modi, I ensured your victory. Now can you ensure the safety of India’s daughters? 

It’s been a very short time when India in large numbers voted for Prime Minister Modi’s vision of new India. People asserted faith in his vision of New India which many like me thought will be something new and different from the old India. 

Year changed, head of the government changed but what remained the same is the safety of women in our nation. The idea of new India is incomplete without ensuring safety for females in our nation. We may have good roads but what will be the use of those roads if our female can’t walk freely over these roads. For a nation to progress, safe environment is crucial and is a voter who voted PM Modi, I ‘m expecting him to ensure this.

So how many of remembering documentary India’s daughter. I know many of you do remember this documentary because the nation still remembers the cruel Nirbhaya gang-rape of Delhi in 2013. But do ask any parents of a daughter, they will tell you that none of them wants to see their daughters get into the role of India’s daughter which Nirbhaya became 7 years ago.

It’s been around 7 years of the Nirbhaya incident but the monsters of this incident are still alive. They are eating, drinking in jail with the help of taxpayers money. I still remember how the entire nation flooded to streets seeking justice but the justice never reached to the final phase. Today, a veterinary doctor was raped and burnt alive in Hyderabad without any fault of her. The only fault of her was that she was returning back to home at 9:30 night which was not that late. She was a veterinary doctor dealing with animals but she may have never ever thought that someday she will encounter with animals in the face of humans whom she can’t deal with. 

Can anyone of us imagine what she went through? Can we imagine what she was thinking the moment these monsters were raping her brutally? Can we imagine the pain when her body was torched to fire? 

I do remember once during Diwali, I burnt firecrackers in my hand and I remember the pain of burn I went through. So, I can imagine the pain which she went through when her whole body was set to fire. But I’m no longer crying and shedding tears for her because my tears have dried up because this is now new normal for us. Every single day or moment, a girl is being raped in our nation. According to a report, every 30 minutes, one woman is being raped in our nation ( 

We are putting our anger out in public only when media gets angry. But we need to preserve this anger for the whole year because this is happening every day and every moment.

Are you not angry with this? 

Girls punished with chilli powder in private parts at Delhi shelter home.

Putting long post with the justice hashtags now has become the part of our life because every day the level of injustice against women’s is on the rise. After every Nirbhaya, Asifa, Twinkle incident, we think that this the last final war against rape but it never ends. No matter how much tall claims we make about our nation progressing or changing, it all will go in vain if we can’t safeguard our females. What will be the use of such development if our females of this nation can’t walk freely, or dress as per her wish because of the fear that some horny sick pervert will rape her and set her body to fire?

Why no stringent laws yet even after repeated horrific incidents? Some may put an argument that even stringent laws will also hardly make any dent to this scenario but I do believe that if people of this nation can be feared from putting heavy fines for not wearing helmet or driving without a license. Then why can’t death penalty or capital punishment for rapists send fear to the hearts of those who try to commit such gruesome act? We are we still feeding the rapists of Nirbhaya Gan-grape even after 7 years? Why not swift action? 

Do you know why Mahabharata happened?

It all happened because someone like Duryodhan dared to molest a girl Draupadi. But today, molestation is not even news for us until a girl is being raped. Sit somewhere alone and think where we are heading as a nation.

Every time I vented my anger on social media thinking that this is maybe the last time I am doing this. But every time, I have been proved wrong because it never ended.

I am literally broken and angered by this news but I hope one day India’s daughter will become something which they deserve not India’s unfortunate daughters. 

I request Prime Minister Modi to ensure me a new India where there will be safe for all. I along with many voters ensured his victory and now we want him to repay us by ensuring my new India with safety for all. 

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