Death of a rain drop

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Death of a rain drop

It has been three decades since I had  reached back to atmosphere in vapour state but not allowed to  re-launch towards earth. Today seems to be my lucky day that I have been directed to fasten my seat belts for another mission to earth which starts as usual with much cherished experience that is enjoying  free fall  from sky to earth.

Today my happiness is touching new highs as I have been chosen for a mission again after a pretty long time to serve none other than creation of the Creator on earth. Our mission of life is to bring happiness, health,productivity, greenery and harmony on earth. Before I could jump off the launching pad I some nauseating smell emanating from my team members irritated me which I had never came across throughout my life. One more thing which made me suspicious a bit  was that members were not looking as fresh and enthusiastic. Negative attitude was evident as they refused for some time to jump off the launching pad again towards earth. I had enquired from one while on the threshold of sky , the reason for such attitude, before answer could have come he asked me, when was the last time u were on mission to earth? When I replied three decades ago, he just prayed for my safety and happy return. He could not smile which was the accepted norm while being sent on a mission. I jumped off thinking that perhaps my brother was suffering with old age.

while falling freely towards earth it seemed to me a bit changed, as I could not fall the way it used to be, the atmosphere was trying to change my basic structure by mixing some unknown particles which were waiting for my reception even when on flight.

Suspicion started engulfing my conscience as my speed was decelerated by some unknown fear as I could not see clearly my scheduled landing place. I remembered my previous cyclic missions to earth which were so beautiful that my memories get freshened up, whenever I look back. Serving the purpose for which I was created has always made my spirit to dance and celebrate the essence of my existence.

I remembered how special the missions were when I was utilized for re-greening a patch of desert, irrigating crops to feed poor and rich, consumption by spiritual and God fearing people, to spread joy among kids and people during hot summer days, to bring prosperity, to chisel mountains to make new beautiful landscapes, bring fertility to lands, clean filth and to make people faithful to The Creator of all Matter. Yes, I remember also how sometimes my kind was made responsible for soil erosion and floods but even being somewhat destructive resulted in creating fertility to lands and depositing some minerals. Such utilization for maximum good for nature, have resulted in a delightful life for all my kind.

The more I cruised through the sky, the more perplexed I became. The visibility seemed to get reduced which usually should get increased as I was just approaching to earth for landing on a planet which was most cherished by me.

My Speed Increased and I braced up for landing, as usual I was supposed to land on a lush green foliage of any cedar or a big leave in rainforest, which were in predominance while I was on my last mission. BOP,DUP,DAP,DUP,TUP!!, this kind of noise I am not acquainted with, what is happening to me?, oh these abrasions! Why I am not able to control my landing? My Creator, am I on earth or some other alien land. With more screaming noise I yelled for help from my colleges who somehow had landed with little damage due to their recent exposures to earth missions. Within their whisperings of “ Not Again on Concrete block of this Dam”  they rescued me. I was caught by surprise, I had never heard of such a name. while taking a deep breath of being saved other team members were looking very anxious and  nervous. Knowing I am new to the mission they came to me and advised me to Pray Continuously, as the shape and things at earth have changed altogether since my last spell.

The Mission has not remained simplistic one which was planned well in advance to infinite limit of breakability. Now new buzz was on air for quick decision making at ground zero.

Making space among other members we became a part of some man-made Dam which I have heard that generated electricity. Flowing down the turbines of this hydroelectric dam, I was churned, grinded and broken to molecular level. I was accustomed to whirlpools we created but we were not humiliated and grinded there, but this new experience seemed to be an eye opener for me about the changed state of earth. Even we thought and deliberated about  blocking of water artificially may have adverse effect to create more earth quakes  and might have flooded even those villages which we never devastated otherwise.

The more we flowed the more challenges were encountered, earlier it used to be only muddy water from streams but now there are new combinations, I continued my questions with the team members who have traveled to earth recently and came to know about some of the names which humans called  like, sulphuric acid, lead, carbon monoxide, which were very dangerous for even our existence. I was lucky because my immunity was strong by remaining in hibernation for various years. I survived for some new phases.

My patience gave up, after passing through a process under which I was compelled to in a factory on the banks of the River which was known since centuries for its beauty and sweetwater. Losing my identity as I turned up to be called factory effluent,  not safe water. It resulted in a situation which led  people who used me for drinking and ablutions for rituals and prayers earlier now contaminated me further with their kitchen and toilet wastes. Thinking on my past and my heroic missions, I felt Humiliated now, as I could not differentiate myself from the filth. The more time spent in this state the more nearer I could see my death. Now my past haunted me even if I had done remarkable assignments. Not because of any fault of mine but humans seems to turned to be barbaric and savages. I looked here and there for help for getting any lease of life but I could only see huge concretes, earth fillings and changed geography. This used to be the path of my last journey but now it has choked and resulted in a swamp. The same stream I am struggling in now used to irrigate fields and  bring prosperity through high production of crops.

I remembered how many times I had been awarded to after completing the mission by way of freedom to cruise, to change state from water- vapour-water at will. It seemed to me that my story is over. Now I am unable to change my state because of changed characteristic due to enchainment by other molecules. Interventions by humans, their greed for materialism without caring about their environment will result in more unacceptable deaths of matter like me. I wish people are able to see what we are able to predict if interventions to change the very basic equations on earth are changed.

The flow of this mixture, stopped with a lull, no life, no activity in a swamp which has got carved out of   dyke to be utilized for a road through a lake.

This may mean business to few, and development to many on earth, but it has a devastating meaning for me and the mankind too. I could not flow through streams, rivers to sea to vaporize with pride to be rewarded with privilege to be a part of a mission again but you too will be deprived of blessing like us. Before I breath my last, O humans my soul is unable to fly, unable to cruise as the pollution you created have enchained me forcing me to die without completing my mission, I request you to convey the sky not to send rain again as one time will come instead of rain fire may fall on you.

 May the Creator bring into play your Humanity!


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