Degrading Education level in India : Formal education has become a fomality in Schools and Universities, providing zero opportunities and worthless degrees

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Degrading Education level in India : Formal education has become a fomality in Schools and Universities, providing zero opportunities and worthless degrees

Indian Education system, once known as the best in the world by having the Nalanda university alone, has now become only a facade and a lie. The degrading education level and the decreasing mentality of the young generation is the proof of the subject. The upcoming generation is spoon-fed the historically written and obsolete knowledge, the content of which are useless in the modern times. The best minds of our country are being taken away by foreign entities because they know the worth of the people, whereas our country is just leading a useless front, trying to save and maintain it's face as being educated but the reality is, most of us are utterly useles.

Talking from my personal life experience, "I studied in a good school, but the knowledge taught was pre-defined and nothing new. I went on to study in a National level governemnt college, where the only talk and concern between the students were passing the semester exams and somehow landing a menial job."

Nobody ever talked about innovation, or any ideas, and the professors that taught us were only good as a person holding the book in hand. You take the book away and their knowledge crumble in only a few moments. Such is the situation of teachers and professors in big National universities, such is the education system and the pressure of society, and such is the guidelines of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) in India.


Every politician says to provide jobs to the youth, to the people, but nobody talks about providing desirable and important life skills that are important to hold the job. Everyone blames the government that there are no jobs, but in the end, the people are not qualified enough to have a job. Even after studying years in school and university, people are just useless. Having a degree and being unemployed is the same as the begger with no qualification at all, than what is the point of such a degree?


The problem with the education system today is that it judges on memorization capability of a student. The more you mug-up the content and write on the exam paper, the more marks you get. This is same everywhere, whether you be in school or in college. This is a problem that needs to be corrected, and yet no viable solution is present at the same time. People respect the kids with higher marks and the creative minds are bent and destroyed to fill the pre-written content to the brim, thus leaving no time and providing no opportunity to the imaginative part of the child's brain.

The teachers also adds up to the problem. The quality of teaching has deteriorated in the past few decades, and they compensate this in the form of providing coaching and tutions to the kid after school, earning more money from a single student. The quality of teaching doesn't change, but teaching the same useless content to the child adds up to the memory of an individual. Education today is becoming more of a profit-gain business, where students are expected to use the hard earning money of their parents in the name of learning. And the parents are even willingly sending their kid to the tutions on the name of earning some extra marks on the paper.

The days of self-learning are gone, what remains is the extra time given to mug-up the contents that may or may not be any use in the future.

The fact is modern education system has changed from the free knowledge hunt to the knowledge bestowed as per the rules and guidelines of a society. It has become a common gathering of sheep, who are raised for the purpose of wool making.


Children in school, except a lucky few, have no idea of what they want or wish to be in the near future. For many of them, their field of interest is still hanging in between. People do not know about the other ways of earning money or respect in life, except taking up a big position in a big company. The only thing we are taught is a set of letters, a bunch of words and formulas, solving question given in the book and writing up answers to get a decent score.

Education is failing as a subject itself, led by people who are uneducated and unqualified themselves but judging others keeping themselves as a standard, a standard so low that it can be measured without even using a ruler.


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