Do not miss the opportunity, Invest in Cowrium ICO II Phase to avail 50% bonus

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Do not miss the opportunity, Invest in Cowrium ICO II Phase to avail 50% bonus

The second phase ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sale of Cowrium has started with the coin price at $0.035 and a bonus of up to 50%.

Yes, you heard it right. All the investors who buy Cowrie coins (CWR) during the ongoing sale stand a chance to get up to 50% bonus coins (depending on the purchase amount).

The price of the CWR is the lowest as of now and will continue to increase with each sale round. The market price will be much higher than the current price. On top of that, you can also avail free bonus coins on each purchase. Here’s quick math:

Suppose that you want to buy the CWR coin. So, you have two options — buy during the ICO sale or wait until the coin is launched in the market.

If you choose to buy during the ongoing sale for say a total amount of $10,000. At the current price of 0.0375USD per CWR, you’ll get 266,667 CWR coins and also you’ll be eligible for 30% Bonus, i.e. 80,000, CWR coins. So, your total count will be 346667 CWR coins at the final price of 0.028USD per coin.

Now, take the second scenario where you choose to wait for the coin to launch in the market. The estimated market price of the CWR coin is USD0.075 per coin. At that price, you’ll get 133,333 coins with no bonus for your $10,000. That’s less than 40% than what you can get today by purchasing during the ICO sale.

And you know what the interesting thing is — the final market price of the Cowrie coin will be the same, irrespective of where and when you buy the coin. So, if you buy today during the ICO sale, you get 346667 CWR, which will be worth $26,000 (at $0.075 per CWR) just after the market launch.

Another thing to note here is that the price of the Cowrie coin will keep increasing with each sale while the bonus amount will decrease. So, the earlier you buy the more profits you can make.

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