Do on your own Never blame

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Do on your own Never blame

Hey Students, Good Morning.

I have seen many posts and videos blaming our Education system. Guys, first of all, we are INDIANS and India is known as Best for "JUGAD". 

So whatever system is, don't worry just do your Jugad. And nowadays, a student who really wants to do something will never stop anywhere, rather today's student is very much busy in gaming, chatting, and tiktoking. Nowadays, for students, there are many opportunities to find answers to their queries, doubts and inquisitiveness. Internet is a very powerful JIN, which gives answers in few clicks, so friends, find a potential which is hidden somewhere inside you rather than blaming the system and keep arguing that it's not working properly. You all have so much power to make a straight highway for you from the zigzag street.

As a businessman, I found lots of students who want new jobs in my field, but there where very few of them possess the required talent and practical expertise (or as normally I put it, street smartness) that is required. So many students are just passed out with degrees but basic knowledge is missing. When I show one of the video opinions, one student said that the system teaches 70% of theory and just 30% of practical knowledge. However, I have observed on many occasions while during an interview, they don't have even theoretical knowledge. In this great JIO days and almost free high-speed internet era, I am sure every student can find their answers immediately and pass through others also. In today's social media era, we can find so many information on others' experience and failure stories. Along with that, there are so many things that everyone can learn from his own experience, which is useful to others. 

So stop blaming the current system and how it works. Make your own system that works best for you. The system works and changes slowly but my friends, time runs very fast. It passes from our hands and we can't even imagine so be prepared to utilize it properly, Best of Luck.

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