Do we need a Religion?

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Do we need a Religion?

When conscience is developed, when every man has a brain which is capable of reason and intellect, when everybody seeks peace, when all love to be loved, when humanity is so talked of, when religion is merely a historic word, when values of faith and belief are being questioned, when everybody is seeking answers to his own set of question, when there is a how to every what, the question arises that, are we in a state to follow any religion. Do we really need a religion? Everybody says that every religion teaches us to be good, than why follow any special religion, then why create a divide in human world, than why challenge god? Yes, why challenge god, if he himself has not made any religion than why should we?What is a religion? Is it a line of demarcation of a person from person, or is it a set of rules to be followed, or is it a school of thought leading a group of persons to hate and criticise other persons. And if it is none of these then what is it. The now-a-day generation or the Gen-x is introduced to this hollow mechanism of rituals by there elders, who in turn were introduced to their religion by their elder and so on. When a child is born, he is born as a child and not as a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian a Sikh or any other such and such. Its we who incorporate and inculcate in their minds this fib fact. We tell them to hate one and love other, to be one and defy other. The dogma of religion is in fact a heresy. In actual we don’t need religion as a word. We don’t need religion as a set of rituals. We don’t need religion as a thing to be followed. If there are rules that hinder the full psychological growth of mind, then it is to be blamed on the religion. If we are to be differentiated and discriminated on the basis of our attire, our appearance which in turn pertains to our religion, if we are to be targeted as the followers of every this and that and are to be separated from the followers of every that and this, if we are treated specially or ignored specially, if we are to go to heaven and hell, or whatever place we are deemed to be, on the basis of this, then do we need this? What we need is to cut off all such chains and unite under one single religion-less religion, a un-named name, a universal group, whatever you wish to name it, which should have no this and that as a ritual, no that and this as a rule, no differentiation, no discrimination, no attire, no appearance, no place, no name for the god. We need to live, and live freely as brothers and sisters.I am not a pagan, nor I am atheist, but I hate to be hated for what I am, and in fact, what I am not. He comes and say be this and than another he from a different religion comes and says his is the best be that, and than yet another he. The “he” is a person who only loves “his”. The “he” has a certain group of people to be called as “we” and they all love what they call “ours”, but they hate “you” or a group called “they” and they don’t love “your” or “their”. This “he” quarrels with “you” for “our” and “theirs”. What we need is a universal “we” and a universal “our” and what we have to abolish is a universal “he” and a universal “their”.Aren’t we all are now a matured group of persons, who know what is good and what is bad, what to do and what not to do, what is what and what is what. Yes offcourse we are. And this ends the need for a religion. We do need a god, but only one which is “our” and nobody should call him “his” god.



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