Don’t judge a freelancer’s commitment – His or her experience is still a dream for an employee

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Don’t judge a freelancer’s commitment – His or her experience is still a dream for an employee

“Oh, sorry, we can’t accept your application, since we are looking for a sincere candidate”, the HR cut the call abruptly.

Last week, Naman, one of my good friends, applied for the post of Graphic Designer in an IT company.

He was working as a freelancer for 5 years and had worked with companies all over the globe. His clients included some prominent media houses, advertising companies and a few TV broadcasting companies as well. However, because of a few personal reasons and to get more corporate exposure, he thought of resuming a full-time job to get more corporate exposure.

Last week, he received a call from HR of an IT company who was looking for a graphic designer.

Everything went fine until Naman mentioned that he had been working as a freelancer.

“We are looking for sincere candidates, as this is a full-time position”, HR quoted this line and cut the call, without even letting Naman speak anything further.

Yes, freelancers are not employed with a single organisation. Instead of working in 4x4 cubicles of a company, they prefer to work from the comfort of their homes or a co-working space. They don’t begin and conclude working in pre-fixed hours, rather they work during hours which suit them best.

However, none of these makes them any less dedicated, sincere or professional, than their peers working as employees.

Like every other worker who exists on this planet, freelancers also fully devote themselves to their work.

They spend countless hours, sleepless nights and work under tremendous pressure sometimes to handle the multiple responsibilities together.

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Even when they are working as a freelancer, they have to manage multiple departments – sales, marketing, finance, HR, admin, sometimes even housekeeping also (if they are working from home!), which is time-consuming and drain the energy.

On weekends, when most employees chill out with their families or friends or rejuvenate themselves for the upcoming week, freelancers are still working, completing their projects, meeting new clients, attending networking events or spending time on upgrading their skills.

Just because freelancers don’t have bosses hovering over them doesn’t mean they are not loyal or professional. They report to their clients, get appraisals in the form of increased remuneration or client satisfaction and perform the task to the best of their ability.

Freelancers choose to freelance, not because they can’t get full-time jobs, but because, they want to be their own bosses and work with clients around the globe.

They work with people in various industries and domains and acquire hands-on experience and exposure to handle different mindsets and requirements.

So, the next time you come across a freelancer, don’t question his sincerity or dedication. In his short career, he might have an experience which an employee can’t earn in 10 years also.

As a freelancer, you must have come across these type of companies and people who doubted your credibility and commitment. Raise your voices high and let them know how much did they lose by not hiring you.

Pick your pens and give a voice to your opinions – #RespectTheFreelancers.

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