Don't Quit

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Sep 4 , 2018 3 min read 1567 Views Likes 0 Comments
Don't Quit

It's okay if your words don't rhyme,
They don't always do, it's a matter of time.

Not everything happens the way you desire,
All you need to do is explain yourself not to react like fire!

You are not the only one going thru situations like these,
There are many others who have incidents in life which make them freeze.

Do not limit yourself thinking you are stuck,
Stop blaming yourself and your luck.

You are the only one who can make the situation better,
Stop complaining, and holding on, because you are a go-getter...

You are bound to achieve if you start with affirmation,
Because there is no other choice for a strong determination.

There will be difficulties, things will seem impossible,
The type of struggle required to overcome has to be phenominal...

Remember, what comes easy does not stay long,
So you have to keep trying and be strong!


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