Dreams: Shattered and Left?

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Mohak Khare
Mohak Khare
Aug 23 , 2018 8 min read 2917 Views Likes 1 Comments
Dreams: Shattered and Left?

I'll be a pilot. No, I'll rather be an astronaut. No! No! No!, a teacher sounds good, I'll have the power to scold people. Do these lines sound familiar? Oh yes! These are the lines which we uttered oh-so-frequently at the time when these words didn't even have the meaning in our minds they were supposed to have. The time was known as - "Childhood", the sweet innocent child.

The truth of the matter is that dreams and childhood are like those companions who tend to stay forever, who promise to never leave the side but then comes a tide of responsibilities and practicality and one of the friend is drowned, the effect, however, is faced by both. If the dreams drown, then the child is lost and if the childhood drowns, dreams change course. 

Dreams. Such a fascinating word. One which can give you a reason to live, a motivation to perform and on the other hand, one loss, and the dreams turn into nightmares. The truth lies in the very core of life - "Not everything you want is everything you get" but the very thought of a broken dream could get you goosebumps and could prevent you from dreaming ever, but is that what the conclusion should be? Come, let's ponder on this.

Suppose you are sitting for an exam in a few days and you haven't studied much which forces you to believe that the chances of success are critical. You give the maximum of your time in the preparations for the remaining days but even then you are not sure about your success. Do you sit in the exam or just let it go? Moreover, if you sit for the exam and you fail. Does that mean that you should stop giving exams, you should stop trying? Most of you might have given a shake of the head here and this simple logic defines the concept of dreaming. Dreams have the power to define the course of one's life and thus they deserve to live, thus they deserve to be nurtured. When it comes to living a life of your known, not a single person knows it better than you. Opinion about these "beings"  called dreams is a crime. These should come with a disclaimer - "Unauthorised opinions to one's dream might lead you to a lifetime of curses. Save Opinions. Save Life." 

Try and never let the child inside you die because as long as that child lives, it lets you dream. It lets you breathe. Don't let a load of responsibilities and commitments and expectations let you kill your dreams because believe it or not - "One accomplished dream can bring a generation of happy lives."

Stop Breathing but not dreaming.


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