Election 2019

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Election 2019

Election 2019 is going to be a game changer for India. With so many parties are fighting against since he has made a dent in their black possession due to "Notebandi". Now to fight elections, penny needed to bribe the voters and Modi's black money remedies have made opposition furious and aggressive to dislodge Modi and his party from power. They are attacking Modi with so many accusations without proving or going to court. This desperation leads to forgetting the agenda for their party towards citizen which gives Modi upper hand in elections 2019.

If Modi wins 3 or more coming assembly elections then there will be the nail in the coffin for Mahagathbandhan. Oppisitions have already showing different combination such as MIM and Prakash Ambedkar. This unity will definitely help BJP to march towards Congress free India. BJP voters are loyal to their party due to Modi and his policies. Ordinance on Triple talaq has made it possible for garner more support from Muslim females. If Modi brings an ordinance on Ram temple before assembly elections then oppositions have to bite the dust. If he helps Shri Lanka and takes action in the Maldives then very difficult to content winning Chariot of BJP. Now the opposition has to slogg to gain in these elections. NDA has already made some progress in southern states, Odisha and Bengal. Look east policy of Modi Govt has already made inroads in the north east.

Rahul Gandhi has to work towards development agenda rather than break and rule policies. Voters have shown utmost intelligence toward selection of the govt. Media has been booed many times due to their false news and money minded circulations and media contents. Opinion polls and exit polls are managed as per party's wish. Viewers are no more interested in political debates due to their program tacticts as per their money mentor. Election commission will be more strict regarding the social fitness of the candidates since the opposition has made a hue and cry for EVM machines where EVM machines have been given a boost and carry out election smoothly and safely.