Encouraging kids to do household chores, good or bad idea?

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Ashwini K
Ashwini K
Oct 21 , 2018 8 min read 1928 Views Likes 2 Comments
Encouraging kids to do household chores, good or bad idea?

My son is four and a half years old. Whenever he sees me doing household chores like putting clothes for drying, sweeping, mopping or even making rotis, he is eager to help me out! I know this is out of curiosity and some kind of fun element he always manages to find out with the task!

I also have seen my son's friends ( who are of same age as his), enjoy helping their mothers by sorting vegetables, watering plants, putting away their own toys, babysitting their younger siblings etc. It's not that we moms make our kids help but the kids also want to help and by doing so they get a sense of achievement! 

Kids always want to do what their parents do and they even imitate their parents as they talk over the phone, read the newspaper, get ready etc. This shows that kids really look up to us and that they expect themselves to do things like their parents do. This also includes everyday household tasks!

It's us, parents, who don't want our kids to do work at this young age. Mostly SAHM( Stay At Home Moms) are always hands-on moms to their kids, who will do everything for their kids. Be it cooking their favourite dishes or make them ready for school. We do everything for them, that we never let them ask for anything, we always do things for them in advance!

I feel we are becoming overprotective here. By doing everything for our kids, we are making them dependent on us. We are not allowing them to try things on their own. Maybe because it will take the time or they will mess up or they will do it in the wrong way! We will find lots of reasons for that. By allowing kids to do some tasks on their own will make them understand things by themselves! This will also develop their thinking, logic etc. 

In my opinion, we should always encourage kids of young age to do household chores. Reasons behind it:

  1. By encouraging kids to do some chores they will feel involved
  2. They will have a sense of achievement
  3. It will help to inculcate a sense of responsibility in them
  4. They will become independent 
  5. They will reflect confidence in everything they do
  6. Doing everyday household tasks will ensure the development of sensory and motor skills
  7. They will understand what to expect and will be ready for life as adults
Many parents may still feel that there's no need to let kids do the chores at this young age. But, nowadays due to lifestyle changes, both parents working, even if mom is a homemaker, they need to get a lot of things done in little time. This leads to stress and burden on parents. So, in order to make life little simple for the whole family, we should at least give it a try! This will not only make our kids self-sufficient but also confident and organised adult! What's your opinion?


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