Fighting Mental Fatigue – Finding Peace

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Fighting Mental Fatigue – Finding Peace

Do you find difficulty in performing routine and voluntary activities? Do you find it difficult to maintain your cognitive performance throughout the day? Do you like to stay lonely and not talk and socialize? Do you feel life should go back or end?

Well if your answer is “Yes” to even any one of these questions, then you are suffering from “Mental Fatigue”.

Mental fatigue is a temporary inability to maintain optimal cognitive performance (Wikipedia). It is the condition where an individual finds it difficult to perform routine and voluntary activities and can affect one's quality of life. It is the perception of being worn-out, depleted and drained off. It is the result of brain-over activity and continual mental overload on a particular task or thought. Just as we feel physical fatigue by doing a lot of physical activities and feel physically tired at the end of the day, mental-fatigue is the brain over-activity. It can affect an individual both in short as well as long-term.

The major causes of mental fatigue are (1) Lack of sleep: Sleepless nights turn out to be the major cause of mental fatigue. An individual may have a sleep disorder or interrupted sleep. In certain cases, an individual suffers from serious sleep deprivation. (2) Stress: It has become really difficult these days to lead a stress-free life. Stress can pop-up in your life in any direction and once you are trapped, it requires a lot of efforts to come back to life. Feeling stressful due to exceptional reason like loss of a family member is normal. However, stress from everyday activities, phenomena and situations should be avoided, as it leads to mental fatigue. (3) Diseases and Medication: Mental fatigue is also caused by the presence of diseases in the body and/or due to current/past medical history.

Mental-fatigue can be reduced/removed by taking at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep, exercising, taking nutritional diet, engaging oneself in activities of interest, etc.

However, I want to share the two most important ways to deal with this crucial disease. (1) Mind –the ultimate superpower: One should believe that you alone are responsible for what you think. And it is always possible to change the way you think by removing negative thinking habits. What can be done is to concentrate on your thinking patterns, and try to change them cautiously. Also, you need to change your self-image. Our self-image is determined by the mental pictures we run through our minds. Make sure to make good, kind and loving pictures so as to reach mental peace. (2) Discipline and will-power: Discipline and will-power deliver you to the highest level of living possible. It might seem difficult initially, but once practised you will habit and soon it will become the way of your life.

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