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mohit shah
Mohit shah
Aug 8 , 2018 4 min read 2002 Views Likes 0 Comments

"Health" a very importanat part of our life. Now a days it must be matters a lot. Which reflacts overall  personality as well as livelihood. In our country the major problem is overweight (fat body) it because of lifestyle as well as fastfood, but a seriousness about the same no one can easily understand because major people think about others. There are also health concious people are there, my mean is not that who goes to gym each and everyday that kind of people is health concious but who done home ramedies as well as doing yoga, running, walking and some exercise which done by self it is a truly a health concious one and they peoplemay know how much calarios per day they want to earn and loose with help of any exercise. Indian goverment also done some programme for healthcare in rular area. Every person want a decnt personality as well as maintain B.M.I (body mass index) which is totally upon your height and weight. You have to become healthy but not over and under healthy. 

According to survey of W.H.O our country is one of the most unhealthy one. Just be take care of our self which is internally as well as externally. "HEALTHIER IS WEALTHIER"


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