Forming Opinions – Their Importance

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Charu Sood
Charu Sood
Jul 27 , 2019 7 min read 434 Views Likes 0 Comments
Forming Opinions – Their Importance

I do not know how did I choose this as a topic and decided to write about it. But then this has been in my mind for a very long time. I mean how, how do I form an opinion about someone, something or as a matter of fact for anything? Some say that questions are the answers, so I decided to understand myself by asking the question and then trying to answer it myself. Here is what crossed my mind.

I see that everyone has an opinion about any particular thing, for now, let’s consider Indian politics as an example. People engage themselves in big debates to discuss who are the best politicians till date and if, they are any good to the nation or not. That adrenaline rush to prove their point right, no matter even if the facts are clear is the truest emotion. I have felt the same when I try to prove a point. The same rush is experienced when people judge other people and they would want you to judge others based on their opinions and experiences. If someone denies what they think, they form an opinion about them too, which according to me is often incorrect. That adrenaline rush may be true, but it is not necessary that the one who experiences it is always correct.

My conscience often asks me not to believe others and learn from my own experiences and I tend to listen to it. However, the results have been mixed. Sometimes I wonder, why I didn’t listen to that person and other times I am like “Thank God I didn’t listen to that person”. It is interesting to note that even your own conscience betrays you at times when you believe a wrong person and disbelieve the right one. This fight between right and wrong goes continuously in everyone’s head and eventually helps us form a decision.

So as a matter of fact, opinions help us decide. It is important to have formed an opinion, without it even our life would have no meaning.  But, is it right that whatever we opine, we force it on others as well? I guess the answer to this should be definitely a big “NO”. A person learns, grows and becomes a better person only when he follows his own heart and dreams.







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